5 March, 2021

Top of the table clash in Germany for Helen Freeman, Simon Brown and Ian Sagar

There will be British interest on both sides of the court when the top-two teams in Germany go head-to-head this weekend with Helen Freeman, Simon Brown and Ian Sagar in action.

Freeman’s RSB Thuringia Bulls are top of RBBL1 with a 100 per cent winning record this season; a record Freeman will be hoping remains when the league leaders travel to RSV Lahn-Dill on Saturday. Lahn-Dill are four points behind Thuringia Bulls, but Brown and Sagar’s side have played a game less.

The top of the table clash in Germany is one of eight games expected to feature GB athletes in Spain and Germany this weekend, including a head-to-head battle between Terry Bywater/Gregg Warburton and James MacSorley in Spain.

Here’s the games to look out for across this weekend (all listed as UK times):

Spain – http://bsr.feddf.es/index.php

Getafe BSR v Mideba Extremadura  

(16:30 – Saturday 6 March)  
George Bates
Billy Bridge
Phil Pratt  
Amivel v Fundacion Vital Zuzenak  

(17:00 – Saturday 6 March)  
Abdi Jama  
Iberconsa Amfiv v Fundacion Aliados  

(17:00 – Saturday 6 March)  
Lewis Edwards Sam Mack  
BSR ACE Gran Canaria v CD Ilunion  

(17:00 – Saturday 6 March)  
James MacSorley (Gran Canaria)

Terry Bywater (Ilunion) Gregg Warburton (Ilunion)  
BSR Amiab Albacete v Servigest Burgos

(18:00 – Saturday 6 March)
Harry Brown (Albacete) Gaz Choudhry (Albacete)
Ben Fox (Albacete) Lee Manning (Albacete) Kyle Marsh (Albacete)

Will Bonner (Burgos) Lee Fryer (Burgos)  

Germany – https://www.rbbl.de/de/rbbl1/

BBC Munsterland v Rhine River Rhinos Wiesbaden   (14:00 – Saturday 6 March)  Jim Palmer
Baskets 96 Rahden v ING Skywheelers   (17:00 – Saturday 6 March)  Peter Cusack
Jake Robinson
Thomas Smith  
RSV Lahn-Dill v RSB Thuringia Bulls   (18:30 – Saturday 6 March)  Simon Brown (Lahn-Dill) Ian Sagar (Lahn-Dill)

Helen Freeman (Thuringia)  

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