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Officials make our sport possible across the country, ensuring a safe and fun environment for all participants at all levels.

Getting involved in officiating is a rewarding experience, and is a fantastic way to make friends and learn new skills. Joining the family comes with a sense of belonging, and pride in knowing you are making a difference to our community. Interested in becoming an official in a fast-paced, fast-growing sport? Find out more below! 

Case Studies

Watch our case studies above to find out more about the people who make our sport happen, and how you can get involved as an official.

What roles are there in a team of officials?


The role of the referee is to oversee the game of wheelchair basketball. They control and manage the game by effective application of the rules.

Wheelchair basketball games will usually have two or three referees with one of them taking on the responsibility of crew chief (lead referee).

Table Official
Table officials record scores, substitutions and fouls. They also measure playing time, time outs and intervals of play. Table officials will usually take on one of four roles depending on their qualification level and training.

The table officials and their main roles are:

  • Scorer: record all actions that occur during the game on the scoresheet
  • Timer: measure playing time, time outs and the intervals of play
  • Shot Clock Operator: manage the shot clock and apply the correct shot
    clock rules
  • Assistant Scorer: operate the scoreboard and assist the scorer

The statistician records all the statistical data during a game, such as who scored baskets and where from on the court, fouls, turnovers and substitutions.

Spotter: explain the play taking place on court, using key wheelchair basketball terms, allowing the recorder to input the data. They may also make notes where a series of events happen quickly to ensure the information can be recorded accurately by the recorder.

Recorder: enter the data into the statistical software in use.

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