25 October, 2019

James MacSorley to face GB five as European leagues continue

GB international James MacSorley will face five of his GB teammates this weekend when his Gran Canaria side take on Mideba Extremadura in the Spanish League, as 16 British players continue their seasons in Europe. 

MacSorley, who was part of the 2018 World Championships winning team, will come-up against a strong-Mideba side on Saturday, featuring the familiar faces of Ben Fox, George Bates, Abdi Jama, Phil Pratt and Gregg Warburton

Speaking ahead of the weekend and the prospect of facing the GB five, MacSorley said: 

“It was so good to be back on court last weekend, even though we couldn’t get the win against a great Vigo team with two other GB players in Sam Mack and Lewis Edwards. 

“I am really looking forward to the game this weekend against Mideba; as everyone knows, they have got a starting five full of GB guys. It’s going to be great to see them again, and it’s always great fun to play against your GB teammates at club level. 

“I have had some good battles with other GB guys at club level before, and hopefully this one won’t be any different.” 

There will also be a ‘Battle of the Brits’ in Madrid as Terry Bywater’s CD Ilunion take on Thomas Smith’s Rincon Dental Amivel, with both players helping their teams to victory on the opening weekend. 

Bywater’s season opening performance was, particularly, impressive – scoring two three-pointers and collecting 11 assists against Fundacion Grupo Norte; picking-up where he left off at the European Championships. 

Elsewhere, Kyle Marsh, Gaz Choudhry, Harry Brown and Lee Manning will continue their season for BSR Amiab Albacete against Fundacion Vital Zuzenak. 

Manning was the top-scoring GB player in Spain after his 15 points on the opening weekend, but a number of players are close behind, including his club teammate Kyle Marsh. 

Lewis Edwards and Sam Mack will be targeting back-to-back wins when their Iberconsa Amfiv side travel to Fundacion Grupo Norte. 

In Germany, Simon Brown will be looking to help extend RSV Lahn-Dill’s unbeaten start to the season when they host bottom of the table BSC Rollers Zwickau. 

Jim Palmer’s Rhine River Rhinos Wiesbaden take on Roller Bulls Ostbelgien. 

Complete fixture list, featuring GB players: 

RSV Lahn-Dill v BSC Rollers Zwickau Simon Brown 
Roller Bulls Ostbelgien v Rhine River Rhinos Wiesbaden Jim Palmer 
Gran Canaria v Mideba Extremadura James MacSorley (Gran Canaria)

Ben Fox (Mideba) George Bates (Mideba) 
Abdi Jama (Mideba) Phil Pratt (Mideba) 
Greg Warburton (Mideba) 
CD Ilunion v Rincon Dental Amivel Terry Bywater (Ilunion)  Thomas Smith (Amivel) 
BSR Amiab Albacete v Fundacion Vital Zuzenak Kyle Marsh Gaz Choudhry 
Harry Brown Lee Manning 
Fundacion Grupo Norte v Iberconsa Amfiv Lewis Edwards Sam Mack 
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