World Championships Dubai

Women’s CAN x GBR

A mighty team performance from GB Women but Canada take the win in Dubai.
Written by Omer Hagomer

GBR won the first possession and captain Sophie Carrigill got 2 points on the scoreboard. Arrin Young tied the game for Canada, the Canadians were quick in transition and Elodie Tessier scored a layup with a finger-roll. Joy Haizelden forced a turnover that allowed Helen Freeman to score a contested shot from the baseline. Freeman was on form and gave GBR a 2-point lead halfway into the first quarter, CAN 4:6 GBR.

The Canadians used defensive rebounds effectively, but shots were not falling for them. Freeman added another 2 points, as Tessier kept Canada’s hopes alive with 2 of her own. Carrigill was picking and rolling and rewarded herself with 2 points.

Both teams were extra physical on defense as Canada’s captain Cindy Quelett scored 1/2 from the free throw line. GBR called for a timeout as they led by 1 point heading into the second quarter, CAN 9:10 GBR.

J. Atkin was swamped by Canada’s players but found the space to add 2 points. Jude Hamer checked in for J. Atkin with 2 minutes remaining in the quarter. Kady Dandeneau was the difference maker from the free throw line for Canada.

Both nations utilised the man-out play impeccably, Canada scored a swift layup in transition, but Hamer responded with 2 points inside the paint. The first quarter proved how evenly matched the two teams are. Dandeneau gave Canada the lead after a foul, Hamer regained the lead for GBR with an exquisite shot from the baseline, CAN 15:16 GBR.

Canada made a few substitutions. Kayla Bell checked in for Carrigill in the second quarter. The stakes were raised on offense as each successful shot was met with a response at the other end of the floor. Hamer stepped up big time for GBR, Dandeneau felt the pressure and drained a 3-pointer for Canada. GBR were a mighty unit on defense and Haizelden gave GBR a 1-point lead, CAN 20:21 GBR.

Canada were on form at the offensive end as Dandeneau got another 3-pointer. Hamer was collecting points heading into halftime and field goals were traded. Canada were resourceful and kept Hamer out of the defensive end.

Canada were deadly from the mid-range as GBR trailed by 5 points. Haizelden converted from the block to reduce the lead, CAN 30:25 GBR. Hamer came back to dominate and forced Canada to call a timeout.

The response was top level offense from Canada, they drew fouls with 2 minutes to go until half-time. Charlotte Moore maintained the ‘never give up’ attitude to decrease the lead after a skillful curl for Hamer. GBR closed the key and increased their intensity on defense. At half-time, CAN 34:31 GBR.

Haizelden opened the third quarter with a tremendous shot off the backboard, Freeman scored one of her own. Canada retook the lead as Dandeneau was persistent on offense. Carrigill replaced Bell as Haizelden pushed the pace in transition, yet Canada found creative ways to get in on offense.

GBR called for a timeout with five minutes remaining in the quarter, they came close to forcing Canada into shot clock violations. J. Atkin subbed in for Hamer and GBR began to write a comeback story, Freeman banked a trademark shot and Moore scored with a light touch off the backboard.

J. Atkin capitalised on defensive rebounds, she also drew a foul and scored 1/2. Canada extended the lead using offensive rebounds. CAN 51:40 GBR.

Hamer replaced Freeman in the fourth quarter. Haizelden scored through a screen set by J. Atkin. Canada moved the ball on offense and Tamara Steeves added 2 points. The second chapter of the comeback story for GBR saw Haizelden once again maneuvering with passion on offense to score 2. J. Atkin also got 2 after delicately driving down the middle.

Canada called for a timeout with seven minutes remaining in the game. Haizelden was exceptional but Canada forced GBR into an 8 second violation. Both J. Atkin and Hamer found rhythm in the last quarter. While Canada relied on second chances, GBR effectively reduced the gap to 3 points, CAN 57:54 GBR.

GBR refused to surrender. Carrigill was wide open and scored inside the key. Baskets were exchanged, and GBR called for a timeout twice with only a couple of seconds remaining. Canada broke the press of GBR and Dandeneau closed the game with 2/2 from the free throw line, CAN 66:59 GBR.

Moore (2), S. Carrigill (8), K. Bell, H. Freeman (10), J. Hamer (19), L. Robinson, S. Fitzpatrick, J. Haizelden (12), J. Atkin (8), M. Martin, E. Fraser, A. Atkin.

Women’s GBR x CHN

The clash between two undefeated teams ended in a tough loss for Great Britain Women.

Written by Omer Hagomer 

GBR won the tip off, but China’s defense was immense from the get-go. China attempted to score in transition, but GBR came away with the defensive rebound, they moved the ball effectively and Helen Freeman scored 2 points. Xiaolian Huang responded with a long shot for two points from the elbow.

Initially GBR were defending well and both teams showed patience in offence. Halfway through the first quarter, China called for a timeout, GBR 2:2 CHN. Suiling Lin scored from the baseline for China, while GBR did not take full advantage of a turnover, but shortly after Helen Freeman found her rhythm with 2 shots off the backboard.

It was a low scoring quarter, yet China made sure the score was level heading into the second quarter. Huang was wide open and added another 2 points. Jade Atkin gave GBR a lead with a mid-range shot but not for long as Huang tied the game yet again. At the end of the quarter GBR 8:8 CHN.

Kayla Bell replaced Charlotte Moore in the second quarter. China used offensive rebounds to take a 3-point lead. Freeman beat the shot clock to reduce the gap. Baskets were exchanged at both ends of the floor and Great Britain called for a timeout halfway through the second quarter.

China were proficient in the counter attack. Jude Hamer checked in for J. Atkin and cemented her presence with 4 points. After a decisive call from the referees, China were getting the friendly roll and led by 6 points at half-time. GBR 17:23 CHN.

The speed of Haizelden earned GBR 2 points after a wonderful layup. Hamer was unwavering, she used screen shots to keep GBR within touching distance of China. Haizelden was on form despite tough defense from China. Both teams exchanged baskets like gifts, but China led by 6 points.

Hamer was very skilled from the free throw line, as GBR called for a timeout and Moore was back on court, she set an amazing screen for Hamer to add 2 points. Height was paying off for the Chinese squad, they were cutting through the defense and converting. GBR remained determined, Moore used offensive rebounds and Hamer did not miss. Freeman stepped up to reduce the lead, she was deadly from the top of the key.

GBR were playing with heart and resiliency forcing China to call for a timeout with 12 seconds remaining in the quarter. Guidi Lyu fired at 45 degrees and beat the buzzer to end the quarter, GBR 33:43 CHN. Nothing but net for China in the last quarter, but Freeman was outstanding at drawing fouls and remained composed under pressure.

J. Atkin subbed in for Hamer. J. Atkin used defensive rebounds and Haizelden scored in transition. The dynamic Maddie Martin checked in for Haizelden and finished a beautiful shot off the backboard.

Lucy Robinson replaced J. Atkin. GBR called for another timeout with 2 minutes to go, as the Chinese were relentless on offence. Freeman reduced the deficit to 15 points with 20 seconds to go but Lin closed the game with conviction using a three-pointer, GBR 46:64 CHN.

GB’s Jude Hamer commented:
“Hats off to China, we had a really good defensive game plan and we stuck to it. They got really hot from the outside and hit shots that we forced them to take. We shut down their two main threats and other people stepped up,”

“A tough loss but I think we played well, it was just a good game from China. I am really impressed with the whole [GB] team, the whole unit just coming together as one big family, lots to build on for the next game,”

About facing Canada: “I feel really confident, we are just growing and learning as the tournament goes on, people are getting more confident as we get through the tournament. So yeah I think we have more to show and more to give.”

Moore, S. Carrigill (2), K. Bell, H. Freeman (22), J. Hamer (12), L. Robinson, S. Fitzpatrick, J. Haizelden (6), J. Atkin (2), M. Martin (2), E. Fraser, A. Atkin.

Men’s IRQ x GBR

Reigning World Champions Great Britain played Iraq for the first time ever in Dubai, as GBR came out with a dominant victory.

Game report by Omer Hagomer

GBR won the tip off and powerhouse Co-Captain Lee Manning scored 2 points after a loose ball. Manning was spectacular under the basket and Gregg Warburton added 2 points of his own to give GBR a 6 point lead. Hussein Bashara fired from the mid-range to get Iraq on the scoreboard.

On the opposite end of the floor, Co-Captain Phil Pratt utilised offensive rebounds to extend GBR’s lead. GBR were ruthless in both defense and transition with the speed of Warburton paying off. Iraq surrounded Manning in defense, but his size and power were too much to manage.

Hayder AL-Sarragi scored a heavily contested shot for Iraq, as James MacSorley, Martin Edwards, Kyle Marsh, and Lee Fryer checked in for GBR.

GBR missed a couple of shots and Iraq were in foul trouble in the first quarter. Edwards scored 1/2 from the free throw line. Fryer showcased a wonderful feat of balance and added 2 points off the backboard. Towards the end of the quarter, a frenzy of hook passes from both teams led to Fryer raising his personal tally up to 4 points. IRQ 6:21 GBR.

In the second quarter Ben Fox and Terry Bywater subbed in. Warburton was also back on the floor. Following a GBR timeout, Fox upped the ante with a block and scored a refreshing lay up in transition.

Veteran Bywater was outstanding at the defensive end, scoring an easy 2 after a mismatch. Leading up to half-time Iraq relied on offensive rebounds and second chances.

Fryer, Jim Palmer, Pratt, and Edwards checked in. Fryer instantly changed the landscape of the game; he was excellent at drawing fouls and sharp from the free throw line. Pratt was fantastic at assists and steals.

GBR were motivated as Marsh got on the scoreboard with a pinpoint precision shot. Iraq were forced into plenty of shot clock violations. The level of competition was off the charts, Ahmed Shiltagh scored a long 2 to lift the spirits of Iraq, but Edwards responded with 2 shots in quick succession. Heading into half-time Alaa AL-Baidhani scored 2 points from the free throw line for Iraq. IRQ 16:37 GBR.

Edwards made it look easy; he scored a couple of points in the third quarter. The agility of Fryer in transition earned him more points after a spectacular layup. Bashara capitalised on a few turnovers by GBR to minimise the lead. Nevertheless, Fryer was back to drawing more fouls and rewarding himself in the process.

With 3 minutes to go GBR led by 30 points, IRQ 20:50 GBR. Iraq were in team fouls as Palmer provided 2 points from the free throw line, Iraq called for a timeout with 2 minutes remaining in the quarter.

Bywater, S. Brown, MacSorley and Fox were back on the floor. The legendary Bywater scored an extraordinary 3-pointer heading into the last quarter, IRQ 20:62 GBR. Bywater anointed himself Mr. Consistency in the fourth quarter, GBR were playing like a well-oiled machine, but IRQ refused to relinquish the game, as Alaa Abdullah contributed to the scoresheet.

S. Brown scored a trademark layup after an amazing interception. Fox and Bywater put their chemistry on display for the world to see, as Bywater assisted Fox with a hook pass for 2.

Fryer was back on court and Harry Brown checked into the game with 4 minutes to go. Iraq showed signs of hope after a tremendous pick & roll play resulting in 2 points for Sajjad AL-Omairi. MacSorley returned the favour with 2 points.

The youngster, Fryer, had the hot hand in the last 2 minutes of the game. Although Saif AL-Taie scored 2 from long-range for Iraq, Marsh responded with a coast-to-coast layup. Then came a moment of respect and sportsmanship with H. Brown dribbling the ball with 20 seconds to go as GBR closed the game with a massive victory, IRQ 24:90 GBR.

GB’s Martin Edwards commented:
“A good team performance, obviously we are building throughout the tournament. I think when we ran in transition, we got all the looks we wanted. All the team contributed, I think eleven out of the 12 got on the scoresheet, and everyone put in a good shift today,”

“We move on to the next one now, the focus is on the USA in 2 days. Recovery and watching a bit of game tape to get our strategy ready. We are good to go, we are confident that we can go and do the business.”

S. Brown (4), K. Marsh (10), T. Bywater (13), H. Brown, P. Pratt (4), G. Warburton (8), M. Edwards (13), L. Manning (7), B. Fox (10), J. Palmer (2), J. MacSorely (2), L. Fryer (17).

Women’s GBR x BRA

Great Britain were on form after a gutsy victory against Spain as they beat Brazil 67:35 in their second game of the pool stages of the IWBF World Championships.

Game report by Omer Hagomer

Debutants Ellan Fraser and Adele Atkin etched their names in the history books of GB Women, marking their first appearences for the senior side.

GBR won the tip off and Jade Atkin quickly scored 2 points. GBR capitalised on defensive rebounds and Haizelden scored a great lay-up. Brazil trailed by 2 points after Vileide Almeida scored.

J. Atkin used offensive rebounds to her advantage to score an easy lay-up. While Almeida was on form she kept Brazil within touching distance of GBR. Halfway through the first quarter, GBR led by 4 points. GBR 10:6 BRA.

The speed of Joy Haizelden is a sight to behold in transition. Brazil attempted to establish physical dominance, but J. Atkin found her stride and scored a couple of baskets inside the key. Brazil called for a timeout as GBR led by 8 points heading into the second quarter, GBR 16:8 BRA. GBR forced Brazil into a shot clock violation to end the quarter.

Haizelden scored well under pressure in the second quarter. Brazil relied on screen shots as the British defensive manoeuvres were tough to conquer. Freeman crowned herself the queen of defensive rebounds and the defence naturally transformed into tactical offence. GBR led by 12 points with 5 minutes to go until half-time. Jude Hamer replaced J. Atkin. Oliveira scored a deep two for Spain to reduce the lead of GBR.

Carrigill was picking and rolling and GBR maintained a 10 points lead heading into half-time, GBR 27:17 BRA. Hamer left her mark with an accurate fade-away.

A timeout was called with a minute to go as the Brazilians were under pressure. Haizelden used the man-out play to perfection and added another 2 points to her total. At half-time GBR 33:19 BRA.

Kayla Bell replaced Carrigill and assisted Hamer with a textbook curl for 2 points. Brazil were successful from long-range, but Hamer was relentless under the basket. Brazil were in foul trouble territory as Freeman was excellent at drawing contact, she rewarded herself with 2/2 free throws.

Bell elicited a rumble from the crowd in Dubai, she was wide open in transition and scored a superb lay-up. Lucy Robinson checked in for Hamer. Brazil were feeling the heat, they gave up turnovers with inaccurate passes and fouls. Charlotte Moore was sensational from the free throw line.

Perla Assuncao added 2 points for Brazil from the mid-range, but Freeman and Robinson were an effective tag-team, as Britain led by a staggering 26 points heading into the last quarter, GBR 55:29 BRA.

GBR were incredible on defence, forcing many turnovers. Robinson joined the scoreboard in the fourth quarter after a loose ball. Siobhán Fitzpatrick and Maddie Martin checked into the game. Both Carrigill and Robinson extended the lead of GBR even further, it was a team effort in every sense of the word.

Adele Atkin checked in for Carrigill and in combination with Haizelden she was crucial in maintaining possession of the ball. Ellan Fraser subbed in for Robinson and rapidly made a statement with 2 points. Oara Assuncao responded with 3-pointer from out of nowhere for Brazil to close the game. GBR 67:35 BRA.

Moore (5), S. Carrigill (2), K. Bell (2), H. Freeman (9), J. Hamer (7), L. Robinson (6), S. Fitzpatrick, J. Haizelden (22), J. Atkin (12), M. Martin, E. Fraser (2), A. Atkin.

Women’s ESP v GBR

GB Women’s opener of the IWBF World Championships 2022 was a battle of sporting supremacy.
Game report by Omer Hagomer

Helen Freeman put on a phenomenal show helping GBR deliver an impressive victory over Spain, with 25 points and 10 assists.

Jude Hamer won the tip off for GBR, but for Spain it was Isabel Lopez that declared the scoreboard open for business. Joy Haizelden responded with a rapid lay up in transition for GBR.

Both teams turned good defence into offense and exchanged field goals. Halfway through the first quarter Spain led by 6 points, ESP 10:4 GBR.

Captain Sophie Carrigill and Hamer showcased amazing chemistry resulting in 2 points. Freeman reduced the deficit to 4 points after a picture-perfect mid-range shot. Hamer ended the quarter with a decisive shot to keep GBR within touching distance of Spain. ESP 14:12 GBR.

Jade Atkin replaced Hamer in the second quarter. As a shooting threat, she was heavily defended immediately. Spain picked up a few offensive fouls early on.

The pressure was on, it was a low scoring quarter as both teams attempted to settle in and convert their offense into baskets. Freeman remained undeterred despite the scoreline, tying the game with 4 minutes to go until half-time.

Freeman was on fire from the mid-range, forcing Spain to call for a timeout, ESP 18:18 GBR.

Both teams made it rain in the last few seconds. At halftime Spain led by 3 points, ESP 24:21 GBR. Hamer was back on court in the third quarter and instantly made an impact adding 2 points.

Spain showcased remarkable defence which translated into good offence in transition. Carrigill expertly drew a foul, she was a sharpshooter from the free throw line scoring 2/2.

A timeout was called with 5 minutes to go in the third quarter, Hamer and Freeman proved themselves as a dynamic duo, they perfectly executed a pick & roll, with Hamer adding another 2 points to her tally.
Spain were building towards the end of the third quarter, they halted the momentum of GBR. Lucy Robinson joined proceedings as the Spaniards led by 12 points, ESP 42:30 GBR.

GBR refused to give up in the final quarter – Carrigill added 2 points the old-fashioned way with another pick & roll. J. Atkin checked back into the game replacing Robinson; she capitalised on defensive rebounds as GBR were defending exceptionally well.

Freeman reduced a sizable gap to 5 points after making 2 free throws. With 5 minutes to go until full-time GBR were determined to win. J. Atkin joined the scoreboard after making a heavily contested shot.
Anticipation was rising in this nailbiter after a timeout was called. The comeback was on after Haizelden scored a timely layup, GBR led by 1 point with two minutes remaining. ESP 44:43 GBR.

Freeman extended the lead to 3 points, J. Atkin contributed to the finishing touches with 2 points from long-range, Spain’s Lourdes Ortega responded with 2 of her own under the basket.

Freeman was simply unstoppable as she threw the last dagger in the form of a stunning shot from 15 feet away. ESP 48:51 GBR.

C. Moore, S. Carrigill (3), K. Bell, H. Freeman (25), J. Hamer (8), L. Robinson, S. Fitzpatrick, Haizelden (11), J. Atkin (4), M. Martin, E. Fraser, A. Atkin

Men’s GBR v IRI

GBR set the tone as the defending champions with a win over Iran.
Game report by Omer Hagomer

Co-Captain Lee Manning topped the scoreboard with a stellar performance and led GBR to a victory against resilient opposition.

GBR won the tip off, but Iran forced a turnover with solid defense. Iran’s Hadiazhar scored 2 points, but Warburton responded with 2 of his own. Hadiazhar raised the stakes even further with a 3-pointer for Iran. The Iranians controlled the pace early on – every shot was falling for them.

GBR were under pressure, but Manning was an unstoppable force of nature under the basket. Iran were leading by 6 points after another 3 by Sayari. GBR stepped up their defense to force Iran into a shot clock violation, they looked more energised as Jim Palmer and Ben Fox checked into the game.

Nothing but net for Iran, so the MVP of Worlds 2018 Warburton took it upon himself and scored from 15 feet to reduce the lead of Iran to 5 points. GBR 17:22 Iran.

Iran called for a timeout, as the defense of GBR was airtight in the second quarter. GBR looked more composed, rejuvenated, and led by 7 points with 5 minutes to go until half-time.

A seamless transition from defense to offense from GBR meant that tensions were high at the end of the second quarter. Fox scored well under pressure and drew fouls masterfully. Terry Bywater replaced Manning, marking his sixth appearance in a World Championships. GBR 46:31 IRI.

Martin Edwards and GB debutant Lee Fryer entered the game. Defensively both teams had a point to prove in the third quarter. Iran reduced the gap to 9 points. Manning and Fox were back on court, as the game got more physical, and fouls were awarded at both ends of the floor. Co-Captain Phil Pratt was outstanding from the free throw line, contributing 11 assists.

Fox and Warburton perfectly executed the 2-man-hustle and got the turnover. Simon Brown and Harry Brown checked in; they showed their chemistry instantly as Harry Brown assisted S. Brown for 2 points. Heading into the last quarter, GBR 61:44 IRI.

In the last ten minutes Warburton was incredible from mid-range while Iran heavily relied on second chances. Saadatpoormogh scored a much needed 3-pointer for the Iranians, and the man from Lancashire, Warburton responded with one of his own. The exchange of baskets speaks to the competitive nature of the game and the players.

Kyle Marsh came in and made an impact with 2-points from the free throw line. Edwards and Fryer were back on court with 2 minutes to go until full-time. Fryer joined the scoreboard after an awe-inspiring coast to coast basket. Fryer closed the game with a shot off the backboard. GBR were victorious in their first game against Iran, GBR 90:59 IRI.

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