Dubai World Trade Centre

June 11, 2023


Women’s GBR x BRA

Great Britain were on form after a gutsy victory against Spain as they beat Brazil 67:35 in their second game of the pool stages of the IWBF World Championships.

Game report by Omer Hagomer

Debutants Ellan Fraser and Adele Atkin etched their names in the history books of GB Women, marking their first appearences for the senior side.

GBR won the tip off and Jade Atkin quickly scored 2 points. GBR capitalised on defensive rebounds and Haizelden scored a great lay-up. Brazil trailed by 2 points after Vileide Almeida scored.

J. Atkin used offensive rebounds to her advantage to score an easy lay-up. While Almeida was on form she kept Brazil within touching distance of GBR. Halfway through the first quarter, GBR led by 4 points. GBR 10:6 BRA.

The speed of Joy Haizelden is a sight to behold in transition. Brazil attempted to establish physical dominance, but J. Atkin found her stride and scored a couple of baskets inside the key. Brazil called for a timeout as GBR led by 8 points heading into the second quarter, GBR 16:8 BRA. GBR forced Brazil into a shot clock violation to end the quarter.

Haizelden scored well under pressure in the second quarter. Brazil relied on screen shots as the British defensive manoeuvres were tough to conquer. Freeman crowned herself the queen of defensive rebounds and the defence naturally transformed into tactical offence. GBR led by 12 points with 5 minutes to go until half-time. Jude Hamer replaced J. Atkin. Oliveira scored a deep two for Spain to reduce the lead of GBR.

Carrigill was picking and rolling and GBR maintained a 10 points lead heading into half-time, GBR 27:17 BRA. Hamer left her mark with an accurate fade-away.

A timeout was called with a minute to go as the Brazilians were under pressure. Haizelden used the man-out play to perfection and added another 2 points to her total. At half-time GBR 33:19 BRA.

Kayla Bell replaced Carrigill and assisted Hamer with a textbook curl for 2 points. Brazil were successful from long-range, but Hamer was relentless under the basket. Brazil were in foul trouble territory as Freeman was excellent at drawing contact, she rewarded herself with 2/2 free throws.

Bell elicited a rumble from the crowd in Dubai, she was wide open in transition and scored a superb lay-up. Lucy Robinson checked in for Hamer. Brazil were feeling the heat, they gave up turnovers with inaccurate passes and fouls. Charlotte Moore was sensational from the free throw line.

Perla Assuncao added 2 points for Brazil from the mid-range, but Freeman and Robinson were an effective tag-team, as Britain led by a staggering 26 points heading into the last quarter, GBR 55:29 BRA.

GBR were incredible on defence, forcing many turnovers. Robinson joined the scoreboard in the fourth quarter after a loose ball. Siobhán Fitzpatrick and Maddie Martin checked into the game. Both Carrigill and Robinson extended the lead of GBR even further, it was a team effort in every sense of the word.

Adele Atkin checked in for Carrigill and in combination with Haizelden she was crucial in maintaining possession of the ball. Ellan Fraser subbed in for Robinson and rapidly made a statement with 2 points. Oara Assuncao responded with 3-pointer from out of nowhere for Brazil to close the game. GBR 67:35 BRA.

Moore (5), S. Carrigill (2), K. Bell (2), H. Freeman (9), J. Hamer (7), L. Robinson (6), S. Fitzpatrick, J. Haizelden (22), J. Atkin (12), M. Martin, E. Fraser (2), A. Atkin.