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Junior League round-up: 5/6th February

Anticipation builds for the Elite 8s tournament in April as Pool C of the Junior League is concluded.

Pool B

North Wales Knights won both matches that took place in Pool B on Saturday, winning their first fixture of the day against South Wales Fletchlings 52:6. The second match was won 72:17 against West Coast Warriors. Pool B have another set of fixtures before their Junior League rounds are completed.

Pool C

In Pool C, Thames Valley Kings secured their top of the table finish with a win over The Bears 28:59. This weekend was the conclusion of Pool C, with focus for the junior athletes now shifting to the Elite 8s competition taking place in April.

Pool A concluded in January, notably with Wakefield Whirlwinds having won all of their matches throughout the competition and securing their place at Elite 8s.

Junior League 21/22 fixtures and results:

GB athletes victorious in Europe and across the Atlantic

GB star Joy Haizelden was in action for Alabama Crimson Tide as they competed in the UT Arlington Tournament, and GB athletes delivered top performances in the Spanish league.

In Spain, a clash of GB talent as Amiab Albacete (Kyle Marsh, Harry Brown, Ben Fox, Gaz Choudhry, Lee Manning) took the win 71:57 over visitors Amivel Reyes Gutierrez (Abdi Jama, Tyler Baines, Peter Cusack). Amiab extended their winning streak with this victory, having won 9/9 of their matches so far this season. Gaz Choudhry had 16 points, 6 assists, 6 rebounds and was top performer on points and assists. Lee Manning was top performer on rebounds with 11 rebounds. Kyle Marsh had 8 points and 4 rebounds. Harry Brown had 14 points and a 2-point average of 86% (6/7). Ben Fox had 15 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists. For Amivel Reyez Gutierrez, Tyler Baines had 4 points and 2 rebounds. Peter Cusack had 4 points, 4 rebounds and 6 assists.

Bibaideak Bilbao (James Macsorley) won their home game against Fundación Vital Zuzenak 80:34, where Bilbao had a strong opening first quarter which built to an 18-point lead at half time. James Macsorley had 2 points, 1 assist and 2 rebounds. Bilbao currently sit fourth in the overall table.

CD Ilunion (Gregg Warburton, Terry Bywater) were close to a triple digit score in their 97:52 victory against Fundación Aliados. Gregg Warburton was top performer on assists with 13 assists and had 17 points. Terry Bywater (CD Ilunion) was top performer on points with 26 points and currently has the highest average of points per game in the overall competition with an average of 22.5 points. GB teammate Kyle Marsh (Amiab Albacete) is currently second on average points with 21.7. Bywater (Ilunion) also had 12 assists and 9 rebounds in the match against Fundación Aliados.

A strong team performance for Mideba Extremadura (Charlotte Moore, Phil Pratt, Lewis Edwards) as they won their match 79:44 against Iberconsa Amfiv. Mideba had 100% on free throws (6/6) and had 71% on 3-point shots (5/7). Lewis Edwards had 15 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists. Charlotte Moore had 2 points and 2 rebounds.

Servigest Burgos (Callum Doherty, Lee Fryer) suffered a defeat by the current table leaders Ace Gran Canaria 83:51 on the road. Lee Fryer had 10 points and 6 assists.

In France, CS Meaux (Helen Freeman) were defeated by Hornets Le Cannet 90:78.

Across the Atlantic, Joy Haizelden was in action for the University of Alabama Crimson Tide in the UT Arlington Tournament. Against University of Illinois, Crimson Tide won 57-50 and Haizelden had 3 points, 5 rebounds, 1 steal. Against hosts UT Arlington, Crimson Tide won 73-54 and Haizelden had 5 points and 3 rebounds.

National League: 5/6 February round-up

Double-header victories at home for clubs Wakefield Whirlwinds and Jaguars WBC this past weekend in the National League.

Division 1 North

Wakefield Whirlwinds 1 secured the win in a high scoring match against visitors North Wales Knights 1, where the home team edged the win 74:72.

Lancaster Bulldogs 1 suffered a defeat at home against Mohawks 2, with the visiting side winning 48:58. Mohawks 2 currently are top of the Division 1 North table, having won seven of their eight matches so far this season.  

Division 1 South

Jaguars WBC 1 won a close match against CWBA 2, where the home team edged out the visiting side 70:69 and secured back-to-back victories for the club in a double header on Saturday. An important win for Jaguars WBC 1, who now sit 5th in the Division 1 South table, against CWBA 2 who currently are second in the table.  

Division 2 North

Wakefield Whirlwinds 2 won their match 53:34 against North Wales Knights 2, earning back-to-back wins for their club in a double header at home.

Division 3 Central

Jaguars WBC 2 won their match against CWBA 3 64:21. CWBA 3 currently sit top of the Division 3 Central table, with Jaguars WBC 2 close behind in second place.

A full list of results and league tables are available here

National League Round up: 29/30 January

Mohawks 1 make a defiant comeback in their game against CWBA 1 in the Premier Division.

Premier Division

There was one Premier Division game this weekend, where Mohawks 1 came back with determination from 15 points down to take the win 65:61 against CWBA 1.

Liam Fawcett (Mohawks) was top performer on points (26 points). David Ion (Mohawks) had 20 points, 5 assists and was game leader on rebounds with 16 rebounds. Liam Hassell was top performer on rebounds (11 rebounds) and points (16 points). Both teams were evenly matched on field goal accuracy (43%) but Mohawks tipped the scales on free throw accuracy with 57% versus CWBA with 50%.

This weekend coming up (5th / 6th February) sees the future stars of wheelchair basketball take part in another round of the Junior League.

A full list of results and league tables are available here:

GB athletes making an impact as the Spanish league heats up

In Spain, a close match up between Servigest Burgos (Lee Fryer) and BSR Amiab Albacete (Kyle Marsh, Harry Brown, Ben Fox , Gaz Choudhry, Lee Manning) saw GB talent across the court in an entertaining head-to-head. Visiting side BSR Amiab Albacete won 63:69. Lee Fryer (Servigest) was top performer on both points and assists (20 points and 7 assists) and Kyle Marsh (Amiab) had top points scorer and assists for his side with 18 points and 5 assists. Gaz Choudhry (Amiab) had 9 points, 9 rebounds and 2 assists. Harry Brown (Amiab) had 4 points and 3 rebounds. Lee Manning (Amiab) had 6 points, 8 rebounds and 3 assists. Ben Fox (Amiab) had 14 points and 6 rebounds.

Another head-to-head took place elsewhere in Spain as Bidaideak Bilbao BSR (James Macsorley) travelled to Amivel Reyes Gutierrez (Abdi Jama, Tyler Baines, Peter Cusack), with Bilbao winning 52:65. Abdi Jama had 8 points and 5 assists. Peter Cusack had 13 points, 5 assists and 2 rebounds.

CD Ilunion (Gregg Warburton, Terry Bywater) won their match against UCAM Murcia BSR 43:63, securing the victory after a strong second half from the visiting side. Terry Bywater was game leader in assists with 5 assists and had 18 points, with a 2P accuracy of 67%. Gregg Warburton had 4 rebounds and 17 points.

Mideba Extremadura (Charlotte Moore, Phil Pratt, Lewis Edwards) had a high scoring away victory against Fundación Aliados (45:92). Phil Pratts was top performer on assists (13 assists) and had 15 points and 5 rebounds. Lewis Edwards had a scoring average of 75% on field goals, 100% on free throws (3/3) and had 21 points and 6 rebounds.

In Germany, RSV Lahn-Dill (Simon Brown) keep the winning streak rolling with a victory over Hannover United (56:76) who sit third in the table. Simon Brown had 8 points. Elsewhere, Rhine River Rhinos Wiesbaden (Jim Palmer) were defeated by RSB Thuringia Bulls who currently sit second in the overall table.

In Italy, Dinamo Lab Banco Di Sardegna (Billy Bridge) were narrowly defeated in an away match against Bergmano Montello (67:66).

In France, Red Dragon Metz (Fin Tonner) won their fixture 91:47 against visitors Luc Lille Handibasket. Red Dragon Metz sit at the top of the French league. Elsewhere, CVHG Genevilliers (Tom Barnes) were defeated at home by Hyères Handi Basket (61:65). CVHG Genevilliers currently sit 10th in the table.

At home in the National League Premier Division, Mohawks came back from a 15 point deficit to win their home game against CWBA 65:61. Kayla Bell (CWBA) had 2 points and 2 rebounds. Sam Mack (CWBA) had 1 point, 4 rebounds and 2 assists. Jake Robinson (CWBA) had 9 points, 2 rebounds, 5 assists and 1 steal. Tom Smith (CWBA) had 7 points, 4 rebounds and 1 assist. Elliot Hardman (CWBA) had 12 points, 6 rebounds and 1 assist.

In the Women’s Premier League, East London Phoenix won their opening match against Cardiff Met Archers 60:36 at Sportsdock. Amy Conroy (East London Phoenix) was game leader on points and assists with 26 points and 7 assists. Jade Atkin was top performer for Cardiff Met Archers on points and erbounds with 14 points and 8 rebounds. Full match report here.

Women’s League Round 2: Round-up

The eagerly anticipated Women’s League Round 2 took place across Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th. It was three days of women’s wheelchair basketball action at the UEL Sportsdock, with the Women’s Premier League match between East London Phoenix and Cardiff Met Archers taking place on Friday 28th.

Teams and their supporters took over the Sportsdock for Round 2 with no shortage of exciting moments across the two day competition. North Wales Knights 1 and 2 notably conceded no games, and Sheffield Steelers held on to their position top of Division 2.

Division 1

North Wales Knights 1 headed into the weekend top of the table, having won 4/4 of their previous matches in Round 1. They won their opening match against London Titans 1 (40:29), with Wakefield Whirlwinds 1 and Leicester Cobras 1 getting their Round 2 underway on the opposite court (42:27 to Wakefield Whirlwinds).

Leicester Cobras narrowly won their second match of the day against The Bears 1 (31:29) and North Wales 1 won their fixture against Wakefield Whirlwinds 38:32 – two for two for the Welsh team. London Titans 1 won their fixture against The Bears 37:25 to close out the first day.

Wakefield Whirlwinds got day two off to a good start with a 39:21 win against The Bears. North Wales Knights 1 won their first match of the day against Leicester Cobras 12:62. Finishing their day with a perfect set of results across the two days, North Wales Knights 1 won 40:33 against Wakefield Whirlwinds. London Titans played Leicester Cobras in the final match of Women’s League Round 2 to close out a fantastic weekend (London Titans won 54:39).

North Wales Knights 1 come away retaining their position at the top of the table, having won every match in Round 2. London Titans sit second on points and Wakefield Whirlwinds in third.

Division 2

Sheffield Steelers 1 came into the weekend as Division 2 leaders, having won every game they played in Round 1. They won their opening game against Eastern Blue Stars (16:31). Eastern Blue Stars got their first win against Glasgow Rollin’ Rocks (15:18). North Wales Knights 2 won their only game of the day in a close match against Sheffield Steelers 28:23, ending the Steelers winning streak of five games.

North Wales Knights 2 continued to build on their winning streak against Eastern Blue Stars (29:10) and Sheffield Steelers won their match on the opposite court against Glasgow Rollin’ Rocks 32:18. Division 2 of the Women’s League Round 2 ended with Glasgow Rollin’ Rocks defeated 11:33 by North Wales Knights 2.

With Round 2 concluded, Sheffield Steelers keep their position top of Division 2. North Wales Knights 2 are second on points. Glasgow Rollin’ Rocks sit in third.

The Women’s League will be back in action in Round 3, taking place 12th-13th March in Worcester.

Women’s League fixtures and results:

East London Phoenix secure the win in their season opener

East London Phoenix won 60:36 at Sportsdock after a huge fourth quarter from the home team in a thrilling match up against visitors Cardiff Met Archers. Click here to read the full match report.

The next BWB WPL fixtures take place on the 12th of February. Loughborough Lightning head to East London Phoenix, and Cardiff Met Archers will have their first home game of the season against Worcester Wolves.

Rewatch the on the BWB YouTube:

BWB WPL Fanzone:

Head coaches for Team England 3×3 Wheelchair Basketball announced

Image credit: RBC Köln 99ers / Gero Müller-Laschet

BWB announced the appointment of the Team England wheelchair basketball coaches who will lead the men’s and women’s squads during the historic inaugural Commonwealth Games for the sport. 

Making history at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games wheelchair basketball will make its debut appearance in the competition as the first ever para team sport for Team England, and the first time the sport has been included within a Games.   

Experienced wheelchair basketball coaches, Mat Foden and Lucas Warburton, have been named as the Team England wheelchair basketball coaching team. Between the pair, they bring to the team a wealth of knowledge and experience of coaching at all levels of the game from domestic club environments through to school games, professional teams and national squads.  

Alongside the Team Leader for wheelchair basketball, Foden and Warburton will commence preparations for the Birmingham Commonwealth Games on the 27th of March at Leeds Beckett at the North Trials, with South and Midlands scheduled over the coming months. Information on how to sign up for a Men’s and Women’s 3×3 trial is available below.  

On his appointment, Mat Foden commented:   
“3×3 is a relatively new format for wheelchair basketball and brings its own challenges, compared with the 5v5 game, for players and coaches alike, so to prepare the English teams for a Commonwealth Games will be an exciting and new experience I look forward to being a part of.”  

“It will be great to work alongside a talented young coach such as Lucas who has always had a good feel for the game and will bring lots of fresh ideas and value to our preparation and teams.”  

Joining Mat is Lucas Warburton, a young coach with plenty of experience in the domestic leagues.  

Commenting on his appointment, Lucas said:   

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for wheelchair basketball, making its first appearance at a major multi sporting event alongside non-disabled sports, hopefully bringing a greater spotlight onto wheelchair basketball and the incredible sport that it is.” 

Commenting on their appointments, Team Leader Justine Lucas said:   

 “I am really excited to have Mat and Lucas as the coaching team for the Commonwealth Games. They both bring something a little different, but I have no doubt they will work really well together to ensure we can show Birmingham what 3×3 is all about! I can’t wait to get working with them and to build towards the Games over the next 6 months.”  

Selection for the Men’s and Women’s England 3×3 squads will be based on trials. Sign-ups for these trials is now officially open via Playwaze– see below for more information:   

North trial – Leeds Beckett – Sunday 27th March 2022 –×3/83bzhmo1wnqun/session-display?eventid=PhysicalEvents/16577-A&d=null   

South trial – Stoke Mandeville Stadium – Friday 15th April 2022 –×3/83bzhmo1wnqun/session-display?eventid=PhysicalEvents/16609-A&d=null   

Midlands trial – University of Nottingham – Sunday 5th June 2022 –×3/83bzhmo1wnqun/session-display?eventid=PhysicalEvents/16578-A  

You are only required to attend one trial. 

Please join the Playwaze 3×3 England Community and sign up to a trial by 5pm on Sunday 13th February. 

You will then be sent information on how to get accredited through Commonwealth Games England, which needs to be completed by Sunday 20th February.  

N.B. We will be unable to select you if you do not complete your accreditation by this cut off. 

For further information, contact Justine Lucas: