21 November, 2022

GB Round-up: 19th/20th November 2022

In Spain, Amiab Albacete (Harry Brown, Ben Fox, Lee Manning, Charlotte Moore, Phil Pratt) extend their winning streak to 7/0 with a comprehensive 109:40 win at home against visitors Abeconsa Basketmi Ferrol. Lee Manning was game leader on points and rebounds with 32 points and 13 rebounds, and had 7 assists. Harry Brown had 4 points, 4 assists and 2 rebounds. Ben Fox had 18 points, 5 assists and 6 rebounds. Charlotte Moore had 2 points. Phil Pratt had 2 points, 4 assists and 2 rebounds.

UCAM Murcia (Lee Fryer) were defeated 73:63 on the road against Econy Grand Canaria. Lee Fryer was team leader for UCAM Murcia on points and assists with 27 points and 5 assists, and had 5 rebounds.

CD Ilunion (Gregg Warburton, Terry Bywater) won 69:62 at home against Fundacion Aliados, maintaining their current position of second in the league. Terry Bywater was game leader on points and assists with 27 points and 7 assists, and had 4 rebounds. Gregg Warburton had 4 points, 6 assists and 3 rebounds.

At home, the BWB Women’s Premier League fixtures for the 2023 seasons have been announced, with several GB Women’s players announced for each of the four teams within the league. Fixtures: https://britishwheelchairbasketball.co.uk/2022/11/bwb-womens-premier-league-returns-for-the-2023-season/

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