15 May, 2021

Helen Freeman, Simon Brown and Ian Sagar prepare for final showdown in Germany

It’s the final showdown in Germany this weekend with Helen Freeman, Simon Brown and Ian Sagar all set to feature during the RBBL1 Championship deciding weekend in Germany.

The first game of the best-of-three play-off final took place last weekend and saw Helen Freeman score four points as the three-time Paralympian helped RSB Thuringia Bulls to a dramatic 79:85 overtime victory against RSV Lahn-Dill.

Simon Brown and Ian Sagar have both been regulars for Lahn-Dill throughout the 2020/21 campaign and they head into Saturday’s game at their home Rittal Arena Wetzlar knowing they need to win to set-up a deciding duel on Sunday.

There’s still two league games remaining for the GB athletes playing in Spain and British players could play a key role in the title race with no end of season play-offs in Division de Honor this season.

Phil Pratt top-scored with 24 points in Mideba Extremadura’s one-point victory against CD Ilunion last weekend to keep Mideba’s hopes of winning the league title alive.

Pratt, George Bates and Billy Bridge will need the help of GB teammates Terry Bywater and Gregg Warburton as their CD Ilunion take on league leaders Bidaideak Bilbao BSR, who could win the Division de Honor title with victory in Madrid on Saturday.

There will also be two head-to-head battles between GB athletes in Spain as Iberconsa Amfiv (Lewis Edwards/Sam Mack) host Servigest Burgos (Will Bonner/Lee Fryer), and BSR Amiab Albacete (Harry Brown/Gaz Choudhry/Ben Fox/Lee Manning/Kyle Marsh) host Amivel (Abdi Jama).

James MacSorley’s BSR ACE Gran Canaria are also in action; they play Getafe BSR on Saturday in their penultimate fixture.

Germany – https://www.rbbl.de/de/rbbl1/

RSV Lahn-Dill v RSB Thuringia Bulls (Play-Off Final)

(Game 2 – 18:30 – Saturday 15 May; Game 3 [if RSV Lahn-Dill win Game 2] – 15:00 – Sunday 16 May)
Simon Brown (Lahn-Dill) Ian Sagar (Lahn-Dill)  

Helen Freeman (Thuringia)

Spain – http://bsr.feddf.es/index.php

Iberconsa Amfiv v Servigest Burgos

(17:00 – Saturday 15 May)  
Lewis Edwards (Amfiv) Sam Mack (Amfiv)

Will Bonner (Burgos) Lee Fryer (Burgos)  
BSR ACE Gran Canaria v Getafe BSR

(17:00 – Saturday 15 May)  
James MacSorley
Fundacion Aliados v Mideba Extremadura

(17:00 – Saturday 15 May)  
George Bates Billy Bridge
Phil Pratt
CD Ilunion v Bidaideak Bilbao BSR

(17:30 – Saturday 15 May)  
Terry Bywater
Gregg Warburton  
BSR Amiab Albacete v Amivel

(18:00 – Saturday 15 May)  
Harry Brown (Albacete) Gaz Choudhry (Albacete)
Ben Fox (Albacete) Lee Manning (Albacete)
Kyle Marsh (Albacete)

Abdi Jama (Amivel)
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