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Return to Play

Return to Play

We are currently in the
of British Wheelchair Basketball's Return to Play Matrix

As our clubs and participants prepare for the return of wheelchair basketball, British Wheelchair Basketball has produced a Return to Play Guidance Document and Return to Play Matrix. The documents outline advice, guidance and support for individuals and clubs to Return to Play throughout the UK in compliance with all home nations guidance and stages of return.

The Return to Play documents are intended for use by both our club network and individual participants. The documents must be used conjointly rather than as independent documents:

The progression through the staged Return to Play (Matrix) will be dependent upon two factors:

  • Government advice of England and the Home Countries support the transition to the next phase together.
  • British Wheelchair Basketball as the Sport NGB feels confident that our participants and clubs are ready to do so, and are meeting the guidance outlined within the current stage of return.

Important Notice

Any movement of the sport on the ‘Return to Play’ matrix will be communicated publicly as well as directly to members and clubs.

British Wheelchair Basketball must stress that the information on the ‘Return to Play’ matrix and guidance will be continuously reviewed, and updates published. Please always refer to the latest published documentation – the publishing date is written on the front page of the both the Return to Play guidance and on the Return to Play matrix.

Please read British Wheelchair Basketball’s Return to Play Documentation in conjunction with the latest Government guidelines.

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