10 June, 2022

Pride 2022: Jude Hamer on allyship

In recognition of Pride month, a month dedicated to celebrating and commemorating the LGBT+ community, we spoke to GB athlete Jude Hamer on the topic of allyship.

What is an ally?

An ally is someone who supports a marginalised community by defending and advocating for their rights and challenging any prejudice towards those people.

In a sporting environment, this can look like challenging the demographic of a club or sport, identifying ways to increase participation of LGBT people and providing a safe space for competition.

Allyship for the LGBT community can be as simple as honouring someone’s pronouns and challenging the use of offensive language. 

What sorts of situations or conversations may someone find difficult, on and off court?

Conversations around someone’s sexuality can always be difficult particularly in a new environment or one that’s perceived to not be welcoming. It can feel like you are coming out every time you meet new people.

Conversations challenging the use of a deadname or wrong pronouns can be provocative and difficult to navigate. 

What sort of things can someone say or do to be a good ally, on and off court?

  • Challenge prejudiced behaviour on and off court.
  • Use your pronouns in social media, the more commonplace this is the easier it becomes for trans and non-binary people to do the same.
  • Celebrate the achievements of LGBT athletes publicly.
  • Small things like supporting the Rainbow Laces campaign can go a long way!

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