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June 15, 2023



Defending world champions GB Men progressed to the quarter-finals with a true team performance victory against South Korea.
Written by Omer Hagomer

Korea won the tip off and Dong Hyeon GIM immediately got 2 points on the scoreboard. GB’s co-captain Lee Manning got GBR on the scoresheet with 2 points under the basket.

Both teams used the pick & roll play with precision. Gregg Warburton continued what he started against USA yesterday – he was impressive from the mid-range. GBR were superb on defense, they prevented Korea from making the right plays in transition and got some turnovers.

Harry Brown stepped up with a great shot to give GBR a 4-point lead. Korea struggled to convert under the full court press, they left Simon Brown wide open in the paint and he made them pay with a nice layup.

Warburton shot the ball with confidence to increase the lead of GBR, Korea felt the pressure and made a few substitutions. Manning remained unmatched at defensive rebounds; he finished exceptionally inside the key.

Halfway into the first quarter, a timeout was called. After the timeout Pratt found the space and added 2 points off the backboard. Warburton embodied the phrase ‘poetry in motion’ and dispatched 2 points after a pump fake. Korea desperately needed a response heading into the second quarter.

The veteran Terry Bywater replaced Manning and James MacSorley checked in for S. Brown. GBR piled up the pressure and forced Korea into travelling violations. Bywater lived up to the hype and rapidly fired to collect 4 points from the baseline. Korea were reeling but Seung Hyun CHO ended the quarter with a fade-away to keep their hopes alive, GBR 26:8 KOR.

GBR used offensive rebounds to their advantage in the second quarter. Jun Seong KWAK scored a layup to build some much-needed energy for Korea, the Koreans moved faster in transition and scored after scrambling for offensive rebounds. Meanwhile, Bywater was a mid-range shooting machine.

GBR sacrificed some turnovers but got back on track, after H. Brown knocked 2 from the 45-degree angle. Pratt gave Bywater 2 extra points after a well thought out steal.

Ben Fox, Kyle Marsh, and Jim Palmer subbed in for GBR. Korea kept fighting as Youn Joo LEE maneuvered his way to the basket and added 2 points. Both teams upped the ante on defense, but Marsh launched from long-range and wrote his name on the scoresheet.

Both Pratt and Seung Hyun CHO turned up the heat for their respective teams heading into halftime. Korea called for a timeout with 2 minutes to go, Pratt was back to swiping the ball and assisted Bywater with another 2 points after a well-executed layup.

Seung Hyun CHO got the friendly roll from the free throw line. Bywater and Fox responded with a pick & roll, as Fox got on the scoresheet, at half-time, GBR 44:17 KOR. In the third quarter Warburton was back with vengeance. Dong Hyeon GIM and Sangyeol KIM were not content with handing over the game, they both attempted to reduce the lead of GBR.

Korea entered foul trouble territory. A timeout was called with 6 minutes remaining in the quarter. MacSorley, Marsh, Lee Fryer, Martin Edwards, and S. Brown were back on court for GBR. The Koreans pressed hard in transition and Seung Hyun CHO drained a jaw dropping 3-pointer.

Warburton replaced S. Brown, as Korea forced GBR into a few shot clock violations. Nonetheless, Marsh was ruthless from the mid-range. Korea moved the ball efficiently on offense and worked on cutting the deficit. Edwards mastered defensive rebounds and Fryer scooped 4 points in quick succession, GBR 61:30 KOR.

Seung Hyun CHO opened the last quarter with two 3-pointers in a row for Korea. Bywater and Palmer checked back into the game. MacSorley obtained 2 field goals with top-notch pick & rolls. Korea were playing for pride, as Dong Hyeon GIM caught a long pass to add 2 points.

Seung Hyun CHO was accurate from the free throw line. MacSorley was ignited halfway into the fourth quarter, he collected more points after a finger roll in transition. A timeout was called as GBR led by 25 points.

Edwards checked in for Fryer and made an impact with 2 points. Korea called for another timeout as Marsh fired a remarkable 3-pointer, nothing but net for Marsh in the last few minutes of the quarter.

Dong Hyeon GIM stayed positive and converted to reduce the lead of GBR. Bywater closed the game with respect for Korea and dribbled the ball for the last few seconds, GBR 78:51 KOR.

GB Men’s Kyle Marsh commented:
“That was a really positive team performance by everybody. We had to come and get the job done to get through the Round of 16. I feel like it was a really great team effort and everyone contributed really well.”

Preparations for Italy:
“We will get a nice rest now and get some recovery after this really physical, difficult game. Italy are a really strong side, we face them a lot in Europe. They like to play with three bigs so it is going to be a bit similar to today with the style of play, but if we come out with the same attitude, we should have a very good game in front of us.”

S. Brown (2), K. Marsh (18), T. Bywater (14), H. Brown (6), P. Pratt (6), G. Warburton (8), M. Edwards (2), B. Fox (2), J. Palmer, J. MacSorley (6) L. Manning (10), L. Fryer (4)