Saturday 18th May 2024
Tipoff Court One Court Two
09:00 3rd Division - Semi-Final 1
CWBA 3 58:47 Sheffield Steelers
3rd Division - Semi-Final 2
Cardiff Met Archers 40:51 Southport
11:00 2nd Division - Semi-Final 1
Lothian Phoenix 63:52 Exeter Otters
2nd Division - Semi-Final 2
London Titans 40:54 North Wales Knights
13:00 1st Division - Semi-Final 1
Reading Rockets 66:48 Sheffield Steelers
1st Division - Semi-Final 2
Lothian Phoenix 64:58 Aces
15:00 Premier Division - Semi-Final 1
London Titans 75:46 Jaguars
Premier Division - Semi-Final 2
Sheffield Steelers 84:60 Manchester Revolution
17:00 Junior League Final
Lothian Phoenix 38:59 Mohawks
19:00 Women's Premier League - 3rd/4th Playoff
Cardiff Met Archers 51:57 Worcester Wolves
19:30 Women's Premier League Final
Loughborough Lightning 73:44 East London Phoenix
Sunday 19th May 2024
Tipoff Court One Court Two
09:30 3rd Division - Final
CWBA 42:46 Southport
3rd Division - 3rd/4th Playoff
Cardiff Met Archers 47:55 Sheffield Steelers
11:30 2nd Division - Final
Lothian Phoenix vs North Wales Knights
2nd Division - 3rd/4th Playoff
London Titans vs Exeter Otters
13:30 1st Division - Final
Reading Rockets 77:52 Lothian Phoenix
1st Division - 3rd/4th Playoff
Aces 50:64 Sheffield Steelers
15:30 Premier Division - 3rd/4th Playoff
Manchester Revolution 99:60 Jaguars
16:00 Premier Division Final
London Titans 78:66 Sheffield Steelers


Tickets are available via Eventbrite:

All spectators must have a valid ticket to enter the arena. Please note that we are unable to accept cash or card payments on the day, so all spectators must purchase their tickets on Eventbrite. 

BWB Members have received a discount code to use for the event via email. 

How to get here

Visiting the arena for the first time? Information on how to get here can be found on the University of Essex website:

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