12 October, 2023

Get ready for the return of Junior League!

The Junior League 2023/24 season gets started this weekend as the first round of fixtures take place across the country.

Last season, Scottish Wizards claimed the title after a thrilling final against North Wales Knights at the BWB National Championship Finals in Manchester.

Regular season games will be played in four rounds throughout the season, with the host rotating by teams within that group. Following the final round, all teams head to the Elite 8s competition where our two finalists will be decided. Elite 8s takes place at Nottingham Wildcats Arena, 20th April 2024. Seeding for this competition will be dictated by league placing following the conclusion of Round 4.

North: Mohawks, Lothian Phoenix, Wakefield Whirlwinds, and The Bears

South: London Titans, Swansea Storm, Aces, and Aberystwyth

Follow results across the season here: https://britishwheelchairbasketball.co.uk/competition/junior-league/

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