22 April, 2023

Junior League finalists confirmed at Elite 8s 2023!

North Wales Knights and Scottish Wizards will meet in the prestigious Junior League final at the BWB National Championship Finals, taking place in Manchester May 20th/21st.

At the Nottingham Wildcats Arena, a buzzing crowd welcomed back the Junior League teams to this exciting event as we got stuck into the quarter finals. The Bears were defeated 48:59 by Mohawks. Scottish Wizards won 62:35 against Aces. London Titans took the win 63:34 against Swansea Storm. North Wales Knights had a comprehensive 73:6 win over Aberystwyth.

In the semi-finals, North Wales Knights won 53:39 over Mohawks. Scottish Wizards won 60:47 against London Titans.

In the Classification matches for 5th-8th places, Aces won 54:44 against Swansea Storm. Aberystwyth were defeated 21:46 by The Bears. In the game for 5th place, Aces took the win 54:44.

Junior League finalists North Wales Knights
Junior League finalists Scottish Wizards

Final standings:

Finalists: North Wales Knights and Scottish Wizards
3. London Titans
4. Mohawks
5. Aces
6. The Bears
7. Swansea Storm
8. Aberystwyth

In last years Junior League final, Wakefield Whirlwinds ended Thames Valley King’s Junior League perfect win streak with a dominant performance, claiming the title with a 61:27 victory.

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