1 July, 2019

Nacsport & AnalysisPro Partnership

British Wheelchair Basketball announces Nacsport & AnalysisPro partnership at its inaugural Premier Division Conference.

It has been an incredible season for many of the UK’s top flight wheelchair basketball teams, as three squads embarked on EuroLeague campaigns, Premier Division mid-season games were live streamed by the BBC and the league prepares to welcome new teams for the 2019/20 season.

As the sport looks to the future and its ambitious plans to establish a professional wheelchair basketball league today’s partnership announcement will prove critical in this preparation.

Nacsport & AnalysisPro will provide British Wheelchair Basketball’s premier division and GB performance teams’ access to state-of-the-art performance analysis software which will support and enhance coaching practices across all teams, facilitating improved effectiveness and overall performance.

Alongside access to the Nacsport Basic Plus video analysis software with KlipDraw Animate telestration tools integration, the partnership aims to work with the British Wheelchair Basketball club network to form fruitful relationships with local universities. The opportunity will unlock valuable hands-on elite analysis experience for studying sports professionals, as well as providing clubs access to a previously unexplored resource.

Alongside the education partnerships, which are seen as long term relationships for both universities and clubs, the British Wheelchair Basketball / Nacsport & AnalysisPro agreement also includes the provision of a comprehensive education and training programme.

Delighted to welcome Nacsport & AnalysisPro into the British Wheelchair Basketball family as its Official Supplier of Sport Performance Analysis, Chief Executive Lisa Pearce commented:

“This is a pivotal moment for our sport, we have top-flight teams with world-class players who have previously been unable to access video sports analysis capabilities. Not only does our partnership with AnalysisPro extend the opportunity to use the fantastic Nacsport and KlipDraw software, we have worked with them to ensure that it can be effectively utilised by developing localised relationships and focusing on training.

“We have a five year target on realising our ambition for a professional wheelchair basketball league in the UK, I am delighted that AnalysisPro will be by our side supporting our clubs, teams, players and coaches on this journey.”

Josh Bryan, Manager at AnalysisPro, shares Lisa’s optimism for the future and adds:

“Access to our Nacsport and KlipDraw tools will allow British Wheelchair Basketball teams to film their games and then use our software to clip, notate, highlight and analyse the footage to better understand and review their performances. 

“The integration of performance analysis into domestic clubs is sometimes viewed as a luxury rather than a necessity, and we can fully understand this as many clubs are heavily volunteer reliant. However, the partnership with British Wheelchair Basketball beautifully resolves this by forming mutually beneficial relationships with local universities.

“We are very proud to officially announce our partnership with British Wheelchair Basketball – we are looking forward to a very positive future enabling the sport to realise its professional league targets.”

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