18 March, 2019

British Wheelchair Basketball releases new Classification Policy

British Wheelchair Basketball releases new Classification Policy and Processes in Athlete Centred Approach to underpin a robust Classification System in the UK

British Wheelchair Basketball (BWB) has undertaken wide reaching consultation in the area of Classification over the past 12 months, alongside the recent league review which called for a clear and robust classification system. In response BWB is releasing a new Classification Policy to ensure transparency and understanding across the sport.

The new policy provides clear and concise information to athletes entering the sport or moving through various levels of wheelchair basketball from participation all the way through to International representation. The new athlete centred Policy places the individual at the heart of the process, allowing them to gain accurate and clear information and support throughout their Classification journey.

Supporting Documents: BWB Classification Policy

In a bid to align to the processes at the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF), BWB is instructing a review to ensure all athlete eligibility in the domestic game is in line with current international classification guidelines. The introduction of a new BWB Eligibility Panel will allow for transparent and efficient processing of applications for eligibility moving forward.

BWB classified athletes at 4.0 and 4.5 and/or athletes with classifications based on specific medical conditions (described below) will be required to complete the review. Athlete’s requiring assessment for eligibility will be required to submit documented medical evidence to the BWB Eligibility Panel for review.

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