27 June, 2022

Grant Wilson – Inspire a Generation Programme Manager

June 2022 – Present

As the Programme Manager for Inspire a Generation, Grant primarily works with local and national delivery partners to increase participation in the sport. This includes creating new opportunities by developing community activators to deliver 6 week courses, working directly with clubs and organisations, and raising awareness for the programme via marketing and communications.

Favourite aspect of your job:

My favourite aspect of my role is working closely across the dedicated staff at BWB. I enjoy exploring how the IAG programme will create exciting new opportunities and engage new participants.

Career Highlight:

My career highlight was creating a programme for care experienced young people in Aberdeen called SPACE (Supported Physical Activity for Care Experienced). This programme provided bespoke support packages for young people to engage with sport and physical activities across their local communities.

Career background:

My career background has both national governing body and local authority experience.

I spent 5 years working as a regional development officer for basketballscotland, before transferring to Active Schools in Sport Aberdeen. I started as an Active Schools Coordinator and over a 10-year period I held 4 positions within the team finishing as the Active Schools Manager. In this role I was responsible for extra curricular and community sport in over 60 schools as well as linking with higher education establishments, charitable organisations, national governing bodies and local sports clubs.



I have a degree in Sport & Exercise Science from the University of Aberdeen along with coaching qualifications in both running game and wheelchair basketball. I’ve coached local league, national league and national teams for both sports. I have coached across the globe in Africa, China, Australia, USA and various countries in Europe.


Advice for anyone thinking about a career in your role:

My greatest advice for anyone wanting a career in sports development would be to volunteer for more than just coaching positions. Take on organisational roles in your club committee or organisation to provide transferable experience. Also step outside of sport and volunteer for wider exposure and experience. The more you open yourself up to new experiences the more you will learn and bring to a professional role.

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