Sport Integrity

Sport Integrity is a confidential reporting line and independent investigation service, supporting athletes, coaches and all support personnel within the Olympic and Paralympic high-performance community across the UK.

The pilot assists funded National Governing Bodies (NGBs), operating Olympic and Paralympic high-performance programmes, to uphold the highest standards of conduct in their sports.
Sport Integrity provides an independent and confidential reporting line and an independent investigation process to deal with relevant allegations of bullying, harassment, discrimination, or abuse, and to allow sports to take the appropriate disciplinary action as necessary. These services will be made available free of charge to funded NGBs.

Sport Integrity is delivered by Sport Resolutions, and supported by a confidential reporting line hosted by the charity Crimestoppers.

Who can access Sport Integrity?
• If you are an athlete who is selected to an Olympic or Paralympic performance programme funded by UK Sport, including for the first three months after leaving the programme
• If you are an athlete support personnel who are either working on an Olympic or Paralympic performance programme or working with athletes
• If you are an office holder of a national governing body in receipt of UK Sport funding for an Olympic or Paralympic performance programme

What types of concerns can be raised to Sport Integrity?
• Bullying
• Harassment
• Discrimination
• Abuse (verbal and physical)
• Sexual misconduct

For more information, head to the Sport Integrity website: 

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