Classification Consultation 2022

Classification is a key part of Paralympic sport – it determines which athletes are eligible to compete in each sport.

British Wheelchair Basketball’s (BWB) Classification procedures align to the criteria used in IWBF’s 2018 Classification Manual with the addition of the 5.0 for players without a disability or with a non-eligible impairment. For more information about BWB Classification visit:

There have been recent changes to wheelchair basketball Classification internationally which means that classification in BWB’s leagues and competitions no longer align to the international criteria. Follow this link for information about international Classification procedures:

As a result, British Wheelchair Basketball are organising two consultation briefings and a questionnaire that all participants of the sport within the UK are invited to take part in and share their thoughts. The purpose of this consultation is to determine procedures for Classification in BWB leagues and competitions in the future.

Why should I get involved?

This consultation is your opportunity to have your say on the future of the classification system within the sport in the UK. The classification system will be used in all levels of the domestic game, such as National League, Junior League, and Women’s League.

How can I get involved?

The questionnaire is open to anyone who participates in the sport in the UK or is a member of British Wheelchair Basketball, or has previously been involved in the sport. This includes coaches and parents / guardians alongside players. 

Consultation Classification Briefing

For more information, including a verbal explanation of the scenarios, see our recorded Classification Consultation briefing below. 

A transcript of the briefing is available here.


View the four scenarios here. When filling out the questionnaire, it will be useful to have these on hand to reference to throughout.  

Submit your responses

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