Gift Aid Declaration

British Wheelchair Basketball is a charity, and if you complete a Gift Aid Declaration and are a UK taxpayer, we can claim 25p for every £1 you give us.

What is Gift Aid?

If you are a UK Taxpayer, and a member of British Wheelchair Basketball, you can join our Gift Aid scheme at no additional cost.

Gift Aid allows British Wheelchair Basketball to reclaim from the Government the tax you will have already paid on your membership – vital extra funds that can be reinvested into the sport.   

Simply complete the below form and we will update your BWB membership record, so you only need make the declaration once. 

Gift Aid Declaration

* indicates required









Gift Aid Declaration *

More about the scheme…

  • We can reclaim a quarter of your membership subscriptions and/or donations
  • Anyone who is a UK income or capital gains taxpayer can make a Gift Aid declaration
  • Gift Aid is not a method of payment so you still pay your membership in the usual way
  • You can cancel your Gift Aid declaration at any time simply by contacting the British Wheelchair Basketball team on 01509 279900 or emailing (local rates apply).
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