Success is always a complex system of people, places, contexts, refinements and changes overtime. The contribution of so many extraordinary players, coaches and staff over many years has led to the British Wheelchair Basketball Performance Programme being in a great place today.

This is why purpose is it important, why do we want to win and how do we want to win?

Purpose sets our sights within something that we have complete control over, setting out how we want to behave, how we want to work with others, how we want to inspire people to take up our sport and how we want to win in the right way for the right reasons.

Our GB Teams go to every competition to win, we are very competitive, but we are not blinded by winning at all costs and believe focusing on purpose and the passion to win together, makes us a formidable opponent.

The success of our programme is indebted to those hard working families, coaches and clubs volunteers that give their evenings and weekends to support new players on their journey. Our domestic Women’s League, National League and Lord’s Taverners Junior League provide excellent opportunities for players to develop in competitive environments, appropriate to their age and stage of development and as performance programme, we are excited about the future talent coming through our pathway.

We are also very grateful to all of the funders and partners who have supported our athletes on their performance journey, and who enable our teams to train in a world class venue, with top-class elite equipment and purpose built floors.

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