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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to run the British Wheelchair Basketball Leagues and Competitions?

The British Wheelchair Basketball Leagues and Competitions include the National League (including National Championships), National Cup, Women’s League, Junior League, Junior Championships, and University Championships.

Core CostsAnnual
National League & Championship Finals£14,000
National Cup Finals£10,000
University Championships£4,500
Women’s League£18,000
Junior League and Elite 8’s£4,500
National Junior Championships£16,000
Staffing Costs£66,000
Membership Income 2018/19£45,570

The Leagues run throughout the playing season with the summer break spent administering the membership renewal period and preparing for the forth coming season.

Our sport has grown dramatically over the last ten to fifteen years through increased membership and more teams competing.

Alongside this growth, the governance processes and expectations for all sports have improved and developed for the betterment of the game. This governance extends to the administration of the league and competition rules, and also safeguarding, classification, insurances and disciplinaries.

An ambition across the sport, as highlighted during the National League Review and voiced by the membership prior to this, was to elevate the public profile of the sport and improve the quality of delivery of wheelchair basketball events. This has included significant investment in sports presentation and live stream production over the last few years which has resulted in national media exposure throughout the playing season.

British Wheelchair Basketball has a lean staffing structure to support the Leagues and Competitions Staffing costs associated with running the leagues are £66,000 per annum. This covers a number of areas including League and Competition Management, Membership Administration, DBS Checking and Disciplinaries. There are no NGB staffing costs dedicated to Classification, Finance, Marketing, Safeguarding and Sports Development that have been allocated to the Leagues and Competitions staff costings but all play a vital role in running a well governed sport.

The leagues and competitions are either centrally hosted, such as Women’s League and Junior Championships, or have a Finals/Championships competition within their format such as National Championships and University Championships. These competitions/leagues necessitate the hire of multi-court venues and recruitment of a workforce for their delivery.  

British Wheelchair Basketball annual accounts are publically available and can be found on the website or via Companies House.

Are British Wheelchair Basketball Trustees / Board Directors Salaries Posts? 

Our Executive Board (including Non-Executive Directors) are all volunteers who generously donate their time to British Wheelchair Basketball.

They are able to claim travel expenses in line with the British Wheelchair Basketball Expenses Policy.

Why the sudden increase in fees?

The sporting landscape is changing and evolving as sports prepare themselves to become more self-sustaining and less reliant on government funding.

Fundamentally it is vital that our Leagues and Competitions are able to financially support themselves.  Traditionally the British Wheelchair Basketball Leagues and Competitions model has been underpinned by NGB funds. Although this will continue, it cannot be sustained at the current rate.

Therefore it was critical that the pricing model of the League and Competitions was reviewed. The objective for everyone involved in wheelchair basketball must be to ensure the longevity and success of the game.

As a National Governing Body we have also looked at the wider sustainability of the sport outside of the National League structure. The new digital system, the development of which has not been funded by membership income, will support further efficiencies for both BWB and Clubs.  

In 2017/18 British Wheelchair Basketball and its Board reviewed the full staffing structure, taking the difficult decision to make four posts redundant.

What other options have been considered other than price increases?

The Board considered reducing divisions within National League, reducing or not running Women’s League in the current centralised format. However, the National League review consultation findings were against these outcomes. In fact the membership wanted to increase the quantity and quality of competitive opportunities, which included the introduction of local leagues and reinstating the National Cup Competition.

Why is Women’s League the same price as National League?

Women’s League is truly special, the weekends are treasured by all who participate and spectate. However, the centralised venue model incurs costs to deliver with the hire of a three court venue and the costs of the workforce recruitment. Over the three weekends this costs mounts, and from a budgetary perspective is comparable to the National League.

Do members still pay a fee for each league? 

A very clear outcome of our National League Review was that the pricing model for British Wheelchair Basketball membership being very complicated.

An individual member will now simply pay one fee to affiliate to British Wheelchair Basketball, irrespective of how many leagues and competitions they compete in. An adult membership is £30 and junior membership is £15.

This change to the membership model will result in direct savings for a number of our members, notably those who play in multiple leagues.

What does NGB Affiliation/Sanction mean?

British Wheelchair Basketball affiliation for both members and clubs brings a number of benefits.

For individual members this extends to personal accident insurance which provides cover throughout the playing season. Under a Club’s public liability insurance an individual is only covered for maximum four sessions in a year.

The Local League Sanction will provide governance for safeguarding, disciplinaries and health and safety. The Sanction Fee will also provide appropriate insurance to cover the league (provided all members are BWB registered). The Sanctioned Leagues will also have access to the British Wheelchair Basketball league management system which will enable it to create an online local league community with fixtures and league tables.

Will there be future price increases? 

British Wheelchair Basketball recognises that a sudden increase in fees is not ideal for our clubs or members, therefore going forward there will be seasonal price reviews which should not require the need for another significant price increase in five or ten years.

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