Frequently Asked Questions

What is eligibility?
Eligibility is determined using the following criteria:
a) A wheelchair basketball player must have a permanent physical disability which, in the opinion of the IWBF, reduces the function of the lower limbs to a degree where they cannot run, pivot or jump at the speed and with the control, safety, stability and endurance required to play running basketball as an able bodied player.

b) The disability must be such that it can be objectively verified by acknowledged medical and/or paramedical investigations such as measurement, X-ray, CT, MRI, etc.

c) Persons who have had hip or knee joint replacements and have provided confirmation of the relevant surgery from their attending physician or surgeon and supporting X-rays/scans are deemed to have met the eligibility criteria.

d) In the instance of amputation, the minimal requirement for eligibility is total removal of the first ray of one foot.

(e) In the instance of a leg length discrepancy the minimal requirement for eligibility is a 6cm difference in leg length as measured from the greater trochanter to the ground in a standing x-ray.

For the purpose of IWBF Classification, degrees of pain are not considered measurable and permanent disabilities.

How do I apply for domestic eligibility?

Send the latest copies of your consultant’s or physiotherapist’s reports along with x-rays, CT, MRI scans to
The reports should show:
– The medical condition you have
– The prognosis
– Recognised measurement of any physical limitation of movement and strength
– Any procedures recommended for treatment

The fee for each application is £15.

Who can classify?
Club classifiers can classify eligible athletes up to 3.0 points and athletes who have had a lower limb amputation.

Regional and international classifiers can support clubs with more complex classifications. They may also be involved in the Eligibility Panel which looks at minimal disability applications and appeals.

How do I become a classifier?
The club classifiers workshop is a 2-day course which takes places annually. More information about this course can be found here

Do I have to re-classify if I change teams?
Your classification moves with you if you decide to move teams.

What happens if I disagree with my classification?
Decisions on which classification to award are based on principles decided by the IWBF. These principles are in place to ensure consistency across the game. If you disagree with the classification you have been awarded because you believe that specific evidence has not been taken into account, you may follow the appeals process outlined in this document.

What happens if my classification changes?
In all instances, if your classification has been changed, notification will be sent to BWB who will send you a letter confirming the new classification. You will be able to play at the new classification from 14 days after the decision.

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