Diploma in Sporting Excellence (DiSE)

The Diploma in Sporting Excellence (DiSE) offers aspiring athletes the opportunity to develop their sporting capability, by training in an elite environment supported by British Wheelchair Basketball (BWB), whilst continuing in full time education.

What is DiSE?

The two-year DiSE Programme has been designed to meet the needs of young people who have the realistic potential to achieve excellence in their chosen sport and are aiming to perform at the highest level.

The NVQ will develop the learners understanding of sports performance which will be particularly beneficial to individuals pursuing careers in Sports Science & Coaching but more importantly, it will directly address other areas such as lifestyle management, communication, wider career management and health and safety which can be applied to a wide range of careers.

Covering a range of topics, it’s not just a qualification for simply “playing the game”, DiSE fully reflects the range of skills, knowledge and performance criteria required in elite sport: including technical skills, tactical awareness, psychological skills, lifestyle organisation, career planning, communication, health and safety, and nutrition programming.

These areas contribute towards achievement of the two mandatory certificates of the DISE framework (a) Certificate in Understanding Sport, (b) Certificate in Achieving Excellence in Sports Performance.

The programme runs alongside the athlete’s local school or college course and will be delivered via a combination of camp based sessions and virtual sessions.

The tariff allocation for the Level 3 Diploma in Sporting Excellence is 64 points. 

How do you apply for the DiSE Programme?

All applicants will need to complete the DiSE Online Application form (see below). You will then be invited to attend a short interview (please note that your parent/carer will need to be present for this). The programme virtual induction event will then take place in September to start the process of completing the necessary paperwork and learning further about the DISE programme. We have included some tips below to help you with your application.

Applicants must be:

  • Age 16-18 (on 01/09/2024)
  • Studying A-Levels or a BTEC Level 3 Qualification
  • Hold a British passport
  • Living in England (during term-time)
  • Member of an affiliated BWB Club

Applications will open in the coming weeks – keep an eye on our social media channels!

If you have any further questions or would like an informal conversation, please contact Ryan Raghoo, DiSE Lead (r.raghoo@britishwheelchairbasketball.co.uk)

How will it help you?

"Looking back, DISE played a huge part in my basketball journey. It was during a DISE camp at Stoke Mandeville, where I first met and gained the experience of being coached by the GB men's and women’s coaches.

"DiSE enabled me to gain a more in depth knowledge of the game on and off the court. It was a great chance for me to learn and develop my basketball skills alongside my A-Levels, allowing me to add an A level equivalent qualification to my University applications.

"The holistic approach of DiSE encompasses the development of excellence in sports techniques, an understanding of nutritional needs in sport, and learning the important aspects of sports psychology to develop the best mental approach on and off court. If you get the opportunity to do the DiSE programme, definitely take it, you never know where it might lead!"
Lucy Robinson
2021 European Championships Silver Medallist
2019 U25 World Bronze Medallist
2018 U24 European Champion
DiSE Graduate
"There were such a variety of things we covered during the programme. I enjoyed playing basketball and being on court the most, but the off court topics were definitely interesting and useful.

"It makes you realise how many different elements there are to sport, other than just playing, so it brings together all of the elements you need to be thinking about that I hadn't probably thought about before I did DiSE."
Peter Cusack
2017 U23 World Champion
DiSE Graduate
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