Division 1

1CWBA Allstars Women6600364222142012
2Sheffield Steelers Women 163033292854409
4Angels of the North 16105237348-11107

Division 2

1Blackhawks Women6600302162140012
2North Wales Knights WL650124820345011
3Red Dust Warriors63032872028509
4GLL & Aspire London Titans Womens 163032412271409
5Leicester Cobras Women6303260255509
6Angels of the North 26105153273-12007
7Scottish Wildcats6006103272-16906

Division 3

1Wakefield Whirlwinds Women101000374189185020
2The Bears Women10802352216136018
3Eastern Blue Stars10505249254-5015
4South West Wales Dragons104062892836014
5Jaguars WBC WL10307266297-31013
6Scottish Women Warriors 110001093384-291010

Division 1 Results

DateHome TeamScoreAway TeamReport
01-December-2018Sheffield Steelers Women 149 – 40VixensDetails
01-December-2018Angels of the North 154 – 55CWBA Allstars WomenDetails
02-December-2018Angels of the North 166 – 64Sheffield Steelers Women 1Details
02-December-2018CWBA Allstars Women62 – 21VixensDetails
02-February-2019CWBA Allstars Women52 – 25Angels of the North 1Details
02-February-2019CWBA Allstars Women74 – 50Sheffield Steelers Women 1Details
02-February-2019Angels of the North 128 – 56VixensDetails
02-February-2019Vixens22 – 52Sheffield Steelers Women 1Details
03-February-2019Sheffield Steelers Women 174 – 25Angels of the North 1Details
03-February-2019Sheffield Steelers Women 140 – 58CWBA Allstars WomenDetails
03-February-2019Vixens47 – 39Angels of the North 1Details
03-February-2019Vixens32 – 63CWBA Allstars WomenDetails

Division 2 Results

DateHome TeamScoreAway TeamReport
01-December-2018Angels of the North 223 – 58Blackhawks WomenDetails
01-December-2018Angels of the North 228 – 40GLL & Aspire London Titans Womens 1Details
01-December-2018Blackhawks Women40 – 27North Wales Knights WLDetails
01-December-2018GLL & Aspire London Titans Womens 155 – 49Leicester Cobras WomenDetails
01-December-2018Leicester Cobras Women33 – 22Scottish WildcatsDetails
01-December-2018Red Dust Warriors28 – 40North Wales Knights WLDetails
02-December-2018Leicester Cobras Women47 – 35Red Dust WarriorsDetails
02-December-2018GLL & Aspire London Titans Womens 131 – 32North Wales Knights WLDetails
02-December-2018Blackhawks Women59 – 14Scottish WildcatsDetails
02-February-2019Angels of the North 224 – 13Scottish WildcatsDetails
02-February-2019Blackhawks Women51 – 30GLL & Aspire London Titans Womens 1Details
02-February-2019Angels of the North 232 – 41Leicester Cobras WomenDetails
02-February-2019Angels of the North 220 – 85Red Dust WarriorsDetails
02-February-2019GLL & Aspire London Titans Womens 140 – 44Red Dust WarriorsDetails
02-February-2019Blackhawks Women45 – 35Red Dust WarriorsDetails
02-February-2019North Wales Knights WL51 – 21Scottish WildcatsDetails
20-April-2019Leicester Cobras Women57 – 62North Wales Knights WLDetails
20-April-2019Red Dust Warriors60 – 10Scottish WildcatsDetails
21-April-2019GLL & Aspire London Titans Womens 145 – 23Scottish WildcatsDetails
21-April-2019Angels of the North 226 – 36North Wales Knights WLDetails
21-April-2019Blackhawks Women49 – 33Leicester Cobras WomenDetails

Division 3 Results

DateHome TeamScoreAway TeamReport
01-December-2018Eastern Blue Stars17 – 26Jaguars WBC WLDetails
01-December-2018Eastern Blue Stars40 – 8Scottish Women Warriors 1Details
01-December-2018Jaguars WBC WL21 – 44Wakefield Whirlwinds WomenDetails
01-December-2018The Bears Women46 – 10Scottish Women Warriors 1Details
01-December-2018South West Wales Dragons26 – 30Wakefield Whirlwinds WomenDetails
01-December-2018South West Wales Dragons20 – 36The Bears WomenDetails
02-December-2018Jaguars WBC WL23 – 28South West Wales DragonsDetails
02-December-2018Scottish Women Warriors 18 – 27Wakefield Whirlwinds WomenDetails
02-December-2018Eastern Blue Stars14 – 30The Bears WomenDetails
02-December-2018Eastern Blue Stars30 – 23South West Wales DragonsDetails
02-December-2018Jaguars WBC WL32 – 11Scottish Women Warriors 1Details
02-December-2018Wakefield Whirlwinds Women32 – 16The Bears WomenDetails
02-February-2019Eastern Blue Stars20 – 27Wakefield Whirlwinds WomenDetails
02-February-2019Jaguars WBC WL22 – 27The Bears WomenDetails
02-February-2019Scottish Women Warriors 19 – 48South West Wales DragonsDetails
03-February-2019Scottish Women Warriors 16 – 40The Bears WomenDetails
03-February-2019Wakefield Whirlwinds Women46 – 20South West Wales DragonsDetails
03-February-2019The Bears Women43 – 20South West Wales DragonsDetails
03-February-2019Jaguars WBC WL22 – 25Eastern Blue StarsDetails
03-February-2019Scottish Women Warriors 114 – 31Eastern Blue StarsDetails
03-February-2019Wakefield Whirlwinds Women44 – 20Jaguars WBC WLDetails
20-April-2019The Bears Women31 – 40Wakefield Whirlwinds WomenDetails
20-April-2019South West Wales Dragons26 – 31Eastern Blue StarsDetails
20-April-2019Scottish Women Warriors 111 – 43Jaguars WBC WLDetails
21-April-2019South West Wales Dragons37 – 4Scottish Women Warriors 1Details
21-April-2019The Bears Women49 – 26Jaguars WBC WLDetails
21-April-2019South West Wales Dragons41 – 31Jaguars WBC WLDetails
21-April-2019Wakefield Whirlwinds Women40 – 12Scottish Women Warriors 1Details
21-April-2019Wakefield Whirlwinds Women44 – 15Eastern Blue StarsDetails
21-April-2019The Bears Women34 – 26Eastern Blue StarsDetails