Division One 2013/2014

1Sheffield Steelers Women 143012231556807
2GLL & Aspire London Titans Womens 143011811602107

Division Two 2013/2014

1CWBA Allstars Women101000499183316020
2BlackHawk Mallards Women10802392196196018
3Angels of the North 110604383248135016
4Aspire Stars10307175322-147013
5Midlands All Stars Women10208122385-263012
6South West Scorpions Women1010998335-237011

Division One 2013/2014 Results

DateHome TeamScoreAway TeamReport
26-October-2013Vixens29 – 58Sheffield Steelers Women 1Details
26-October-2013GLL & Aspire London Titans Womens 146 – 21VixensDetails
27-October-2013GLL & Aspire London Titans Womens 134 – 47Sheffield Steelers Women 1Details
27-October-2013Sheffield Steelers Women 150 – 51GLL & Aspire London Titans Womens 1Details
18-January-2014Sheffield Steelers Women 168 – 41VixensDetails
18-January-2014Vixens42 – 50GLL & Aspire London Titans Womens 1Details

Division Two 2013/2014 Results

DateHome TeamScoreAway TeamReport
26-October-2013BlackHawk Mallards Women20 – 0South West Scorpions WomenDetails
26-October-2013Midlands All Stars Women0 – 20Aspire StarsDetails
26-October-2013Angels of the North 120 – 0South West Scorpions WomenDetails
26-October-2013CWBA Allstars Women61 – 18Aspire StarsDetails
27-October-2013Aspire Stars20 – 0Midlands All Stars WomenDetails
27-October-2013BlackHawk Mallards Women34 – 54CWBA Allstars WomenDetails
27-October-2013Midlands All Stars Women0 – 20Angels of the North 1Details
27-October-2013South West Scorpions Women0 – 20BlackHawk Mallards WomenDetails
18-January-2014Aspire Stars11 – 43CWBA Allstars WomenDetails
18-January-2014South West Scorpions Women12 – 62Angels of the North 1Details
18-January-2014CWBA Allstars Women39 – 31Angels of the North 1Details
18-January-2014BlackHawk Mallards Women72 – 9Midlands All Stars WomenDetails
19-January-2014BlackHawk Mallards Women45 – 13Aspire StarsDetails
19-January-2014BlackHawk Mallards Women51 – 27Angels of the North 1Details
19-January-2014Midlands All Stars Women11 – 42CWBA Allstars WomenDetails
19-January-2014Midlands All Stars Women32 – 12South West Scorpions WomenDetails
19-January-2014Angels of the North 157 – 25Aspire StarsDetails
19-January-2014CWBA Allstars Women48 – 8South West Scorpions WomenDetails
08-February-2014Angels of the North 165 – 21Midlands All Stars WomenDetails
08-February-2014Angels of the North 125 – 37CWBA Allstars WomenDetails
08-February-2014Aspire Stars21 – 18South West Scorpions WomenDetails
08-February-2014South West Scorpions Women20 – 18Aspire StarsDetails
08-February-2014Midlands All Stars Women4 – 48BlackHawk Mallards WomenDetails
08-February-2014CWBA Allstars Women48 – 25BlackHawk Mallards WomenDetails
09-February-2014Angels of the North 129 – 46BlackHawk Mallards WomenDetails
09-February-2014Aspire Stars12 – 31BlackHawk Mallards WomenDetails
09-February-2014Aspire Stars17 – 47Angels of the North 1Details
09-February-2014South West Scorpions Women7 – 62CWBA Allstars WomenDetails
09-February-2014South West Scorpions Women21 – 32Midlands All Stars WomenDetails
09-February-2014CWBA Allstars Women65 – 13Midlands All Stars WomenDetails