Volunteer – Dylan

Dylan has been volunteering with British Wheelchair Basketball since 2018. A player and true fan of the sport Dylan not only regularly volunteers at wheelchair basketball events in the UK, but also across Europe and is often found supporting communications teams at National Competitions.

What roles have you undertaken as a volunteer?

I’ve been a match reporter and managed the big screen at the EIS.

Why do you choose to volunteer for British Wheelchair Basketball?

I choose to volunteer for BWB because I love wheelchair basketball.

What is your favourite aspect of volunteering?

My favourite aspect about volunteering is being able to catch up with friends at these events whilst I’m playing my part to keep the event running smoothly.

What skills do you need to be a volunteer?

To be a volunteer you need to be teachable and willing to learn with every opportunity you get.

What skills has volunteering helped you develop?

Volunteering for BWB has helped me develop my communications, co-operative, leadership and teamwork skills.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about volunteering?

Volunteering for BWB is a phenomenal experience it involves great weekends helping run wheelchair basketball events and catching up with friends you may not have seen in while. If anything it’s better than sitting at home being bored because you’re doing nothing.


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