British Wheelchair Basketball’s 2.6 Challenge – #BWBSportsDay

Host your very own sports day with British Wheelchair Basketball’s 2.6 Challenge to help raise funds for UK Charities!

Watch the SIX challenges below, complete TWO, nominate SIX!
And if you can, donate to help raise funds for UK charities:

What is the 2.6 Challenge?

The London Marathon have launched ‘The 2.6 Challenge’, a new fundraising challenge to help raise funds for UK charities affected by COVID-19. From this Sunday (26 April), UK charities are encouraging the public to take on their own 2.6 challenge or activity based around the number 2.6 or 26, whilst fundraising for/donating to the fund.

To find out more about the challenge, you can read more here.

The #BWBSportsDay Challenge

With Sports Day’s for many schools likely to not take place this year and adults needing any excuse to roll back the years and try a sports day event, we wanted to bring your school sports day to you with ‘British Wheelchair Basketball’s Sports Day 2.6 Challenge’!

We’ve created six different activities related to school sports day events and the challenge is to complete two of the activities, before nominating six people to give the challenge a go on social media.

1. Egg/fruit and spoon race

The traditional ‘egg and spoon’ race with fruit or an egg either standing or in a day chair.

2. Seated shot challenge

Whilst seated you’ve got to try and get an item into a target. Ideas could be a tennis ball into a bucket, a basketball into a basket etc.

3. Wheelbarrow race

You can either do this challenge the traditional way – the person behind holding on to the other person’s ankles, while the other person walks on their hands. Or you can push someone around in an actual garden wheelbarrow (only if it’s safe to do so)!

4. Slalom

Use items in your home or garden to create a ‘slalom course’ which you have then got to navigate either standing or in a chair. Make it harder and add a ball – dribbling a basketball in and out of the items – or try the egg/fruit and spoon race whilst doing the slalom challenge!

5. Tin knock down

This one brings a ‘fairground classic’ to your own home. Create a stack of cans/tins of food and see how many you can knock over. This can either be by throwing or rolling the ball at the cans.

6. Goal defender

Create a ‘scoring zone’ in your home/garden and one person has to try and pass the ball (or household item) into the ‘scoring zone’ whilst the other person tries and defends the ‘zone’.

Watch, compete, tag!

Once you’ve completed the challenge don’t forget to share your videos on social media using the following hashtags: #TwoPointSixChallenge / #BWBSportsDay / #StayInWorkOut – and nominate six people who you would like to see take on the challenge.

If you are able to donate to the fund, our fundraising page can be found via this link:

Social distancing

Please observe social distancing guidelines outlined by the UK Government when completing the challenge.  

The latest guidance can be read here: 

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