7 February, 2022

National League: 5/6 February round-up

Double-header victories at home for clubs Wakefield Whirlwinds and Jaguars WBC this past weekend in the National League.

Division 1 North

Wakefield Whirlwinds 1 secured the win in a high scoring match against visitors North Wales Knights 1, where the home team edged the win 74:72.

Lancaster Bulldogs 1 suffered a defeat at home against Mohawks 2, with the visiting side winning 48:58. Mohawks 2 currently are top of the Division 1 North table, having won seven of their eight matches so far this season.  

Division 1 South

Jaguars WBC 1 won a close match against CWBA 2, where the home team edged out the visiting side 70:69 and secured back-to-back victories for the club in a double header on Saturday. An important win for Jaguars WBC 1, who now sit 5th in the Division 1 South table, against CWBA 2 who currently are second in the table.  

Division 2 North

Wakefield Whirlwinds 2 won their match 53:34 against North Wales Knights 2, earning back-to-back wins for their club in a double header at home.

Division 3 Central

Jaguars WBC 2 won their match against CWBA 3 64:21. CWBA 3 currently sit top of the Division 3 Central table, with Jaguars WBC 2 close behind in second place.

A full list of results and league tables are available herehttps://britishwheelchairbasketball.co.uk/competition/national-league

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