7 February, 2022

Junior League round-up: 5/6th February

Anticipation builds for the Elite 8s tournament in April as Pool C of the Junior League is concluded.

Pool B

North Wales Knights won both matches that took place in Pool B on Saturday, winning their first fixture of the day against South Wales Fletchlings 52:6. The second match was won 72:17 against West Coast Warriors. Pool B have another set of fixtures before their Junior League rounds are completed.

Pool C

In Pool C, Thames Valley Kings secured their top of the table finish with a win over The Bears 28:59. This weekend was the conclusion of Pool C, with focus for the junior athletes now shifting to the Elite 8s competition taking place in April.

Pool A concluded in January, notably with Wakefield Whirlwinds having won all of their matches throughout the competition and securing their place at Elite 8s.

Junior League 21/22 fixtures and results: https://britishwheelchairbasketball.co.uk/competition/junior-league/

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