27 March, 2021

Double header for Baskets 96 Rahden trio as regular season in Germany comes to an end

There’s a reduced fixture list in Spain and Germany this weekend, but there are still seven games with British interest for those following the progress of the clubs featuring GB athletes this season.

The final weekend of the regular season in Germany includes a double header for the Baskets 96 Rahden trio of Thomas Smith, Peter Cusack and Jake Robinson, while Simon Brown and Ian Sagar end their league season on Saturday.

Both clubs have already qualified for the end of season play-offs, with Lahn-Dill securing top spot last weekend, but it’s still all to play for in terms of placings for Rahden. Their first game of the weekend against fourth-placed Hannover United could prove to be pivotal in deciding who plays who in the play-offs.

In Spain, there’s three games featuring clubs with GB internationals including two fixtures with British interest on both sides of the court – BSR ACE Gran Canaria v BSR Amiab Albacete and Iberconsa Amfiv v Mideba Extremadura.

Martin Edwards’ Special Bergamo Sport Montello are back in action in Italy in the first of the deciding games to assign the placings from fifth to eighth place.

Here’s the games to look out for across this weekend (all listed as UK times):

Spain – http://bsr.feddf.es/index.php

BSR ACE Gran Canaria v BSR Amiab Albacete

(12:30 – Saturday 27 March)  
James MacSorley (Gran Canaria)

Harry Brown (Albacete) Gaz Choudhry (Albacete)
Ben Fox (Albacete) Lee Manning (Albacete)
Kyle Marsh (Albacete)  
Iberconsa Amfiv v Mideba Extremadura  

(17:00 – Saturday 27 March)  
Lewis Edwards (Amfiv) Sam Mack (Amfiv)

George Bates (Mideba) Billy Bridge (Mideba)
Phil Pratt (Mideba)  
Servigest Burgos v Bidaideak Bilbao BSR

(17:00 – Saturday 27 March)  
Will Bonner
Lee Fryer  

Germany – https://www.rbbl.de/de/rbbl1/

Baskets 96 Rahden v Hannover United

(15:00 – Saturday 27 March)  
Peter Cusack
Thomas Smith
Jake Robinson
RSV Lahn-Dill v BG Baskets Hamburg

(18:30 – Saturday 27 March)  
Simon Brown
Ian Sagar  
Baskets 96 Rahden v BG Baskets Hamburg

(15:00 – Sunday 28 March)  
Peter Cusack
Thomas Smith
Jake Robinson  

Italy – https://www.federipic.it/

La Dinamo Lab Banco di Sardegna v Special Bergamo Sport Montello

(14:00 – Saturday 27 March)  
Martin Edwards
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