3 August, 2020

BWB’s inclusive approach to enter the MOBILISATION STAGE of Return to Play on 1st September 2020

Today marks the unveiling of wheelchair basketball’s Return to Play. Undoubtedly it has been a long four months whilst we have been without our sport, but we are proud that our community spirit has shone brightly throughout these difficult times.

As we make public our plans for a gradual staged return to wheelchair basketball, it is important to firstly remember that we are an inclusive team sport, with the emphasis on inclusion and we want the ability for our whole community to return if they are ready to do so. It is for this reason that our guidance outlines more specific measures than those detailed by respective Governments (England and Home Countries) to enable our inclusive approach which sits at the very heart of our sport.

When we enter the MOBILISATION STAGE of our Return to Play on 1st September 2020, our guidance (which can be viewed here) will enable our clubs and participants to put in place the detailed preparations and processes required to facilitate their return.

The key messages throughout the MOBILISATION STAGE uphold the government guidance and focus on mitigating risk regarding spread of infection.

We have an incredibly supportive and connected community who we know will want to return to wheelchair basketball as one, which can only be done by working together when our participants feel happy to come back and our clubs are ready to facilitate their return.  Our volunteer network is incredible, and they consistently go above and beyond to support the delivery of our sport. Once again, their work will be critical to the return of wheelchair basketball and we extend our sincerest thanks to them for their generosity, time and commitment.

The move through the staged Return to Play (Matrix) will be dependent upon two factors; firstly that the government advice of England and the Home Countries support the transition to the next phase together, and secondly that British Wheelchair Basketball as the Sport NGB feels confident that our participants and clubs are ready to do so, and are meeting the guidance outlined within the current stage of return.

Mobilisation Stage Guidance Document: We have issued a comprehensive Guidance document written for our clubs and participants. This is a recommended guidance document intended as a starting-point for the clubs and provided by BWB to assist them with their appropriate response to COVID-19.It is important that everyone reads and understands the full document – if anything is unclear or prompts a question please contact our membership team at membership@britishwheelchairbasketball.co.uk

Staged Return Matrix: We have highlighted some elements of the staged return guidance within a Matrix (which can be viewed here), so that participants and clubs can understand the requirements of each stage of Return to Play. Each stage should be informed by the corresponding Guidance Document, which will be released by British Wheelchair Basketball in due course and will provide more detailed guidance on each stage. This is a recommended staged return document intended as a starting-point for the clubs and provided by BWB to assist them with their appropriate response to COVID-19

Please remember that British Wheelchair Basketball and our staff team are here to support all of our members, volunteers and clubs in their Return to Play. Should you need help please email our membership team on membership@britishwheelchairbasketball.co.uk or call the office on 01509 279900.

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