1 November, 2019

Simon Brown and Jim Palmer clash in Germany as GB players continue club seasons

Two of the 2018 World Championships winning men’s team will go head-to-head this weekend as Simon Brown and Jim Palmer’s respective clubs meet in the German League on Saturday (2 November). 

Brown’s RSV Lahn-Dill side are currently unbeaten after six games, with Brown scoring 34 points and collecting 18 assists so far this season. 

Lining-up on the other side of the court will be Palmer and his Rhine River Rhinos Wiesbaden team, who have had a mixed start to the season with three wins and three defeats. 

Commenting ahead of this weekend’s clash against Palmer, Brown said: 

“So far the season is going well for us; we are playing really well, undefeated so far. However, a couple of teams have been missing their key players when we played them, so we are expecting tougher games in the return fixtures. 

“This weekend we play Rhine River Rhinos. He’s [Jim Palmer] having a good year and I remember over the summer training his work rate and pace were really annoying, so I am looking forward to trying to get a bit of revenge over him at the weekend – I hope!” 

Sharing his thoughts on the clash between the pair, Palmer said: 

“This game is really exciting as it is myself versus Simon Brown – I am really looking forward to it. This game is also another big clash because it is the two teams in Hessen.” 

There will also be two clashes between British players in Spain with Thomas Smith’s Rincon Dental Amivel facing a BSR Amiab Albacete team featuring four British players. 

Gaz Choudhry reached double figures in points, assists and rebounds last weekend and the four-time European champion will be aiming to continue his fine form when he takes to the court alongside club and GB teammates, Kyle Marsh, Harry Brown and Lee Manning

Terry Bywater also impressed last weekend, scoring 30 points to help CD Ilunion beat Amivel. The five-time Paralympian will face two other British players on Saturday with Lewis Edwards and Sam Mack both playing for Iberconsa Amfiv this season. 

George Bates will be aiming to add to the 52 points he has scored in the first two gameweeks, including his 38-point haul from last weekend, when Mideba Extremadura host Fundacion Grupo Norte. 

Bates, Phil Pratt, Abdi Jama, Gregg Warburton and Ben Fox have scored 133 of Mideba’s 135 points so far this season and the GB quintet will need to be on-form against their unbeaten opponents. 

James MacSorley’s Gran Canaria travel to Bidaideak Bilbao; seven days after a narrow overtime defeat to Mideba. 

Complete fixture list, featuring GB players: 
Rhine River Rhinos Wiesbaden RSV Lahn-Dill Jim Palmer (Rhine River Rhinos)
Simon Brown (RSV Lahn-Dill) 
Rincon Dental Amivel BSR Amiab Albacete Thomas Smith (Amivel) 
Kyle Marsh (Albacete) Gaz Choudhry (Albacete) 
Harry Brown (Albacete) Lee Manning (Albacete) 
Iberconsa Amfiv CD Ilunion Lewis Edwards (Amfiv) Sam Mack (Amfiv) 
Terry Bywater (Ilunion) 
Mideba Extremadura v Fundacion Grupo Norte Ben Fox 
George Bates 
Abdi Jama 
Phil Pratt 
Gregg Warburton 
Bidaideak Bilbao v Gran Canaria  James MacSorley 
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