10 May, 2019

New 2019/20 Membership, Club and Competition Fee Structure

British Wheelchair Basketball Announces new 2019/20 Membership, Club and Competition Fee Structure

Today British Wheelchair Basketball made public its new pricing structure for domestic competition and leagues, as well as membership and club affiliation.

The fees, which will be in place for the 2019/20 season, will be the first price review implemented by the National Governing Body for a number of years.

In communications circulated to the sports members and clubs British Wheelchair Basketball has outlined the financial need for this review and its aim to ensure that the domestic game continues to thrive in both the long and short term. 

Under the current membership pricing model, which has not been reviewed for almost a decade, British Wheelchair Basketball’s leagues and competitions are consistently running at a significant loss. This annual loss runs into the tens and tens of thousands each year, with the membership income covering just a fraction (less than 35%) of the overall running cost.

As a result the Board needed to review the membership, club affiliation and team entry costs. Please know that even with the price increases for the 2019/20 BWB will still be subsiding the overall running costs by more than 55%.

The new fees will see more clubs and members able to access more tangible membership benefits including commercial discounts and playing insurance. The structure overhauls the existing complicated, and often difficult to interpret, pricing matrix to create a flat single membership fee for Junior and Seniors (also a finding of the League Review), single club affiliation fee and new team competition entry costs.

A full pricing structure is available via the BWB Website (Link)

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