29 April, 2019

Roma Sport Announced as new Official Supplier of its Participation Wheelchair.

British Wheelchair Basketball announces Roma Sport as its new Official Supplier of its Participation Wheelchair.

Today’s exciting announcement marks British Wheelchair Basketball’s first partnership with a wheelchair manufacturer delivering a product specifically developed for its participation audience including its domestic competitive and recreational players.

The five-year sponsorship agreement will see Roma Sport and British Wheelchair Basketball bring to market its newly developed affordable participation wheelchair. The British Wheelchair Basketball branded chair will retail at a price point of £729 per unit, it will be available in three sizes supplied in a choice of three colour options red (small), blue (medium) and grey (large). 

The Roma Sport chair was selected following extensive testing by British Wheelchair Basketball’s junior athletes. The athletes and Diploma in Sporting Excellence (DISE) students were heavily involved in the participation wheelchair partner process feeding back on points including price, colour and product specification.

Delighted to launch the new sports chair Jo Richards, British Wheelchair Basketball’s Participation Director, commented:

“We are incredibly proud and excited to bring this chair to market with our new partners Roma Sport. This chair will enable more people to access our sport at a grass roots level. We have worked extensively with Roma Sport to develop a robust chair which can be retailed at an affordable price and is a perfect starter chair for anyone looking to get into wheelchair basketball.

“This chair has been tested and selected by our athletes for our athletes. It was crucial that we took on board their views and insight and incorporate what they feel is important in the chairs they use.”

Simon Dalton, Managing Director of Roma Sport is equally pleased with today’s announcement. Looking forward to a flourishing relationship with British Wheelchair Basketball, Simon added:

“Our hope is that the British Wheelchair Basketball Sports Chair will revolutionise the sport and support more people to access the game. The chair’s price point makes it an affordable option for clubs to adopt as their club chairs.

“It has been a pleasure working directly with British Wheelchair Basketball’s junior players, hearing their honest and open feedback on the product and supporting the development of this new chair.

“Wheelchair basketball in the UK has a phenomenal future and we are committed to working with the BWB to support as many people as possible to experience this exhilarating sport.”

To find out more visit https://romasport.co.uk/product/basketball-club-wheelchair/

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