5 April, 2019

League Review Findings Announced

Key findings announced following far reaching British Wheelchair Basketball League Review

Listening to the voice of the members is at the heart of today’s League Review findings announcement. Enabling the membership’s foresight and vision of the sport has driven the unveiling of ten clearly defined goals which will support the delivery of the overarching ambition to ‘establish a professional wheelchair basketball league by 2024’.

The League Review outcomes firmly focus on strengthening the foundations of the sport to support sustainable growth. With a number of areas already in development, the ten focus areas are:

  • 5v5 focus whilst exploring opportunities to develop 3v3 game
  • Enable a flexible competition format – local participation to high level competition
  • Focus on Coach and official mentorship and skills development
  • Digital efficiencies across the sports administration including membership registration
  • Classification System Review
  • Enhanced club development support and guidance
  • Development of league regulations and governance
  • Engage with new audiences – engaged fans and improved public visibility of the sport
  • Deliver safe playing opportunities
  • Reinstate the National Cup Competition

Responsible for the delivery of the League Review findings is British Wheelchair Basketball’s CEO, Lisa Pearce, who commented:

“Fundamental to the success of our sport is to actively engage and listen to our membership. The far reaching league review has enabled all participants of the sport to really shape the future vision of wheelchair basketball in the UK.

“The consultation process took place over an entire season and was conducted both online and face-to-face. It has been an incredibly positive exercise for all involved and once again highlights the passion of everyone involved in this incredible sport.”

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